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Nick Viall Says Zach Shallcross Has Been Acting Like “Total D—k” On The Bachelor

Apparently, there’s no love lost between the current Bachelor lead Zach Shallcross, and longtime resident of Bachelor Nation and former Bachelor himself, Nick Viall. We may need to bring in a mediator, as the situation has deteriorated to the level of name-calling.

It all boils down to Nick not liking how Zach is treating his women on the show, per Us Weekly. Following the most recent episode of The Bachelor, the former Bachelorette contestant tweeted, “That’s 2 weeks in [a] row now Zach was a total dick to one of the [women]. It’s literally all about the one on one. Zach knows that. He made Jess Girod feel like she messed up for expressing a valid concern. #thebachelor.”

On the show that night, the tech executive had sent home Jess during the group date due to her obsession with not getting a one-on-one. Zach didn’t understand why she was so focused on the one-on-one. He repeatedly tried to convince her that it was more about “quality time” than the quantity of time spent together.

They were both talking in circles and neither understood the other’s point. Zach was frustrated and Jess was in tears. They were both confused about why the other person couldn’t see their side. Finally, Zach was done with the whole scenario and decided to just let Jess go.

As a veteran of four seasons of the Bachelor franchise, Nick had lots to say about Zach as he watched the episode. “Zach is acting like the guy who gets mad at his girlfriend for not letting him know she wanted validation on her birthday #thebachelor,” he quipped. Oh, Nick’s good.

Jess claimed she was “blindsided” when Zach walked her out during the group date. At the recent taping of the Women Tell All episode (which has yet to air), the Winter Springs native said, “Throughout our journey, [Zach] always reassured me and validated me. He always told me everything’s gonna be OK and to just kind of hold out, hold on.” She continued, “So as time went on and I wasn’t getting that special quality time with him, I was definitely in my head of like, ‘What am I missing here?’ So in a way, I saw it coming because it just wasn’t adding it up, but yeah, I definitely was blindsided still.”

The e-commerce coordinator concluded that it was “100 percent” a misunderstanding between herself and Zach. Sadly, good communication is key to a healthy relationship. And Zach and Jess just couldn’t communicate well.

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The other incident Nick was referring to happened in last week’s episode. Zach contracted COVID and was quarantined in his hotel room. He became the first-ever Bachelor to hold a cocktail party/rose ceremony via Zoom.

When medical sales rep Greer Blitzer tried to assure Zach that she understood his feelings of frustration by relating her own experience with COVID, he didn’t react quite the way she’d expected. “I had COVID at the end of the quarter during year-end, so it messed with my career in sales,” Greer told Zach. “I know how you feel missing out on things.”

The California native wasn’t very gracious about Greer’s attempt at empathy. He snapped back, “I think me missing out on finding a wife is slightly more important than [a sales quarter].” Ouch. Maybe he was cranky due to being sick, but Greer’s feelings were definitely hurt.

In a confessional, she worried that she’d “offended” him and might not receive a rose at the virtual Rose Ceremony. She still got a rose, but hers was the “Last Rose of the Night.” So, he made her wait for it. Yep, kind of a dick move.

Maybe Zach’s mood will improve as the number of women he has to keep happy dwindles. And, hopefully, he falls in love.


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