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The Bachelor’s Kaity Biggar Says She and Gabi Elnicki Will Remain Friends Following Zach Shallcross Drama

Even though Kaity Biggar is wearing the “one ring to rule them all” following Bachelor Zach Shallcross’s proposal, she still believes that she and runner-up Gabi Elnicki will remain friends. Really? Would you be comfortable being friends with your future husband’s ex-girlfriend, the one with whom he had sex while he was also dating you? And why does that Friends song “I’ll be there for you . . .” keep playing in my head?

“We’ve already had trips together,” Kaity said. “We’ve been to Florida. A lot of the girls came to Austin for the premiere and, me, GabiAriel [Frenkel]Jess [Girod], and Mercedes [Northup] [are going to] Miami at the end of April.”

“We’re all very tight,” Kaity told Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast. Us Weekly has the story.

Despite repeatedly (and cruelly) saying his heart was torn between the two women, it was pretty obvious to fans — and especially to Gabi — that Zach had already made his choice long before the Final Rose Ceremony. Following the previous week’s rose ceremony, the Vermont native noticed that Zach seemed to only make eye contact with Kaity. Even though he’d been intimate with Gabi that week — or maybe because of it — he couldn’t look her in the eye.

Then when Gabi arrived for the Final Rose Ceremony in Thailand, she stepped into a mud puddle as she exited the car. Her nerves were showing, as she got a little cranky with production. “When it actually matters,” she scolded, “when Kaity arrives, don’t do that to her.”

Gabi has a heart of gold,” Kaity said. “She actually told me [about the mud puddle comment] after we finished filming. She’s like, ‘Oh my God, Kaity, I don’t know if they’re gonna air this, but this is what I did.’ And we were just howling about it.”

“We both [had] each other’s back throughout the whole season,” the travel nurse continued. “We confided in each other. I even told Zach, I was like, ‘She’s an incredible woman. You have a tough decision to make.’ Honestly [I got] such amazing friendships out of the season. I’m so grateful.”

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Sadly, we all watched as Zach broke Gabi’s heart and proposed to Kaity. Right after America watched the breakup on national TV, the two former lovers sat down with host Jesse Palmer. Gabi confronted her ex about telling Kaity — and “the whole nation” — that they had sex during their overnight date.

“In that moment,” Zach told Us, “I told her . . . ‘this can be [our] secret.’ And the guilt ate at me. That’s not [the man] I want to be — to hold secrets and not give the full truth.”

“Obviously,” Zach continued, “it caused a lot of pain though, and I don’t take away from that. I hope Gabi knows that like, the intentions were as pure as they could be, and I did not wanna hurt her.”

Meanwhile, Kaity admitted it was tough watching the episode, but knows her fiancé was just doing his best when he made the notorious “no sex” rule. “I wasn’t in his shoes,” Kaity told Us. “I think he has such an amazing heart and he just didn’t wanna muddy the waters, but obviously…it did.”

“Going in [to] Fantasy Suite week,” she continued, “I just wanted to use that time–that intimate time–to just get to know each other more on a more emotional level [without the cameras]. I was just looking forward to that.” The registered nurse also said she had been looking forward to their kayaking date, but sadly, that went “sour pretty quick.”

“But, in Bachelor world,” she admitted, “things don’t always go as planned, so I don’t think I really went in with a whole lot of expectations. I was just hoping it would go smoothly. We hit a hurdle for sure. But in the end, we came out stronger.”


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