Kyle Richards
(Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Kyle Richards Says She Was ‘Sucking in’ After Concerns Over Recent Photo

My question is, Kyle Richards, why are you holding your breath?

Dorit Kemsley’s recent Instagram photos of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast have reportedly caused a stir. But before we get to the debate – the who, what, and where. Can we we assume these photos were taken whilst filming? Cast trip to Spain? Who styled their fabulous attire?

At the core of the controversy, Kyle is the one being singled out, and for her apparent size. I thought we were past the body shaming – whether too small, too tall, too whatever – but here we are again.

What’s the deal with the now deleted photo?

Kyle’s Instagram response says that she’s basically holding it in in the photo. If you take a look, it actually looks like she might be holding her breath. Sutton Stracke isn’t holding it in. Garcelle Beauvais isn’t holding it in. Crystal Minkoff isn’t. They look like normal human beings. But Kyle explained she did it due to the dress and it didn’t look the way she thought it would.

Kyle, girl. We want you to have more confidence than that. And to not think you have to explain every picture. We know you were recently accused of using the diabetic drug, Ozempic when there was a shortage, but you didn’t so why continue on this train of explanations. In the name of Rinna, own it.

In this particular photo, Kyle’s ribs are sticking out quite a bit, but as any kid who is playing around knows if suck in all the air you look like a balloon on top. What’s worse is Dorito took the photo down. Please tell me we aren’t bending to IG comments.

Back in February, Kyle indicated that she had changed her lifestyle and that was the reasoning for her weight loss. Her changes are a little too stringent for my taste, but the woman has had four children. If she wants to work out at the gym and cutout the bad foods than let her. Let the woman live and do her splits.

Another thing Kyle has emphasized is her desire to be somewhat of a role model and inspire. Okay, Kyle – lead by example. But do lead, and don’t follow. Let women know change isn’t as easy as following Kyle’s routine. That change on the inside is the fastest way to change on the outside. And that they are beautiful no matter what. But please do not hold your stomach in, overexplain, and make it seem like you are less than confident. Whip your pony tail back and forth, and go with it.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is filming now for Season 13, but catch up or relive the early days on Bravo on Demand.