Love is Blind. Paul Peden at Sunset Bronson Studios for the Love is Blind season 4 reunion. Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix © 2023

Paul Peden Moves on With New Girlfriend After Love Is Blind Romance With Micah Lussier

Finding love on reality TV didn’t work out well for Paul Peden. On Love Is Blind Season 4, he got engaged to Micah Lussier, only to leave her hanging at the altar on their wedding day. So, the last time we saw Paul, he appeared at the not-so-live Season 4 reunion, where hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey grilled him for dumping Micah on their big day. He also caught heat for saying on the show that he couldn’t see Micah as a mother.

At the reunion, the pair revealed they had tried dating after the season stopped filming, but it fizzled out quickly. It turns out it’s hard to rebuild a relationship after getting left at the altar.

With the Love is Blind heartbreak in the rearview mirror, it seems Paul has moved on and made a new match. On Instagram, he recently debuted a new special friend, Geneva Dunham.

“Love is pale”

Geneva and Paul made their social media debut in a since-expired Instagram Story. In the post, the two sat together on the edge of a pool in Woodstock, Georgia. Paul wrote in the caption that they were two “Georgia peaches.” Geneva reposted the picture and added the hilarious comment, “Love is pale.”

Meanwhile, over on Geneva’s Instagram, the couple went full-on PDA and embraced each other for a photo while Paul kissed her on the cheek. You have to admit, they’re pretty stinking cute.

According to her Instagram bio, Paul’s new boo is a Canadian eyelash technician and business owner. It’s not clear how they met. Perhaps she slid into his DMs after seeing him on Netflix.

While it might seem like Paul has moved on quickly from the Love is Blind Season 4 drama, it’s actually been over a year since the wedding day disaster. Micah recently commemorated her would-be anniversary with an Instagram Q&A. Despite the intense and public split from Paul, she had a positive outlook on the experience. A fan asked if she’d do the show again, and Micah replied, “Yes. I believe everything happens for a reason.”

Paul isn’t the only Love is Blind Season 4 alum who has moved on since filming wrapped. Marshall Glaze has been dating a doctor since his devastating on-screen breakup. The two were even spotted filming scenes for Love is Blind: After the Altar. So perhaps, Paul and Geneva will make an appearance too?

All episodes of Love is Blind Season 4 are streaming on Netflix.