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Carl Radke Responds to Amir Lancaster’s Claims He Didn’t Respond to DM: ‘Check Your Messages Again’

Although Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is the new kid on the Bravo block, that isn’t stopping Amir Lancaster from calling out the Summer House OG, Carl Radke

For those who haven’t been watching, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is exactly what we want in a reality TV show. It features a beautiful cast, top-notch shade, and fiery drama. Unlike the original Summer House, this series isn’t filmed in the Hamptons — instead, the cast tapes on a small island just south of Cape Cod.

Martha’s Vineyard is considered one of the meccas for Black excellence. I mean, when it hosts the likes of President Barack Obama and Maya Angelou, how could it not be? And thankfully, viewers are learning precisely what that means for each one of them.

But even if the Secret Service is frolicking around Oak Bluffs, that hasn’t stopped the cast from clocking in. And surprisingly, one of the most explosive moments we’ve seen on the show so far was between Amir and the house newcomer, Phil Brooks. After Brooks disrespected most of the cast upon his entrance, Amir stepped up, ready for action. Thankfully, others could de-escalate the situation before anything serious occurred. Still, it showed the house and viewers that although Lancaster may be a “little ass,” he is not one to play with. 

Amir calls out Carl for not responding to his DM

We haven’t seen many SHMV cast members on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this season, but thankfully for us, Sunday’s (June 4th, 2023) episode featured both Amir and his “little sister,” Bria Fleming. What made the episode even better is that both understood the assignment. Not only did Bria give us the answers we wanted, but she did it with the quick wit we viewers love in a Bravoleb. 

But she wasn’t alone. 

When Andy asked his guests if either had a chance to connect with any original Summer House cast members, Amir said he reached out to Carl for a job at Loverboy and responded to Radke’s inquiry about his sales experience but was left on read. He followed that up by adding he’s excited to “talk” his “shit” to Carl at BravoCon 2023

But could it all be a misunderstanding? According to Carl, who responded to Amir in an Instagram comment, he claimed he didn’t ghost the Texas-based real estate agent. 

“I wrote you back brother,” Carl wrote. “Literally reading the DM’s and I responded lol. Check your messages again. Thanks for the support bro.” 

There’s a chance Amir could’ve missed Carl’s response, especially since he gets hundreds of DMs a day (his words, not mine). Either way, we’re hopeful these two can squash the beef in Vegas for this year’s BravoCon. 

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard continues Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.