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Shannon Beador Still ‘Friendly’ With Ex John Janssen

John Janssen and Shannon Beador started dating in June 2019. He was introduced on the Real Housewives of Orange County viewers were introduced as her boyfriend. They seemed like a good match. He stabilized her emotionally and could keep up with her tequila intake.

The couple called it quits in November 2022. Season 17 had just finished filming. Perhaps the new season will provide some intel on their separation. Shannon only spoke of the split to say there was zero chance of reconciliation. To coincide with the new season, the reality TV star appeared on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live to dish on her contact with John since the breakup.

Shannon shared a hotel room with John post-split

During the podcast episode, Shannon admitted to having “become friendly with John.”

“How friendly?” host Jeff Lewis teased. “It’s better to not be bitter and we’ve talked about the fact that when one of us gets in a relationship, the friendship probably isn’t gonna stay the way it is right now and that’s just normal, but we’re not getting back together,” Shannon explained.

Clearly, not the answer Jeff was hoping for, he followed up by questioning, “Okay, but has there been makeup sex? Have you guys hooked up?”

No relationship, no problem

Shannon sidestepped the real question. She said, “I have not been intimate. I’ll tell you, I’ve not been intimate with any person since John Janssen. I haven’t.” Shannon and John traveled to LA together. And spent the night in the same hotel room. “Nothing sexual?” Jeff pressed.

“I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know,” Shannon responded again. “It was one bed. You know? There’s just a comfort with him. He’s not dating anyone. We’re friends.”

“So, it sounds like casual sex to me,” Jeff replied. “You also FaceTimed him last night from LA Buns.”

Shannon maintained that it was the action of a concerned friend. She explained, “Because he kept texting me, ‘Are you okay? Did you make it okay?’ I was letting him know I was okay. Look, we’ve had the discussion, like, we do talk a lot.” How will Shannon move on if she has not fully separated from John? Jeff suggested it would be impossible given the situation.

“You know what I think is best for me right now?” She said, “I kind of enjoy not being in a relationship.” “I do. I can do what I want,” Shannon concluded. This includes going on a date with somebody new as Shannon revealed that she had done. Let’s see what the new season reveals about John and Shannon’s relationship.

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