Shannon Beador, John Janssen

Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Shannon Beador Is “Blindsided By The Breakup” With John Janssen After Dating For More Than Three Years

Shannon Beador better give Dr. Moon a call and start arranging nine lemons in a bowl ASAP. The Real Housewives of Orange County star was rocked recently with news of her breakup from John Janssen.  John was Shannon’s first relationship since her messy divorce from David Beador. Shannon was even hearing wedding bells in her and John’s future. But according to a statement Shannon made to People about the breakup, she was blindsided that it ended once Season 17 stopped filming.

Shannon says that back in November 2022 when the cameras were rolling, she and John were smooth sailing. However, in just a week, that came crashing down. “When the cameras were down, it was a different story,” Shannon said. Dun dun dun. John allegedly told Shannon he was done, and she said it was “absolutely devastating.”

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People also got ahold of John to get his side of the story. It boils down to the fact that John didn’t see a forever with Shannon, so he had to end it. “It doesn’t make sense to be together if you don’t believe in it,” he said. “Love is not always enough.” You’d think he would have figured that out a little before three years of serious dating, but apparently, it took him a little longer.

John wanted to spare Shannon from dealing with an earth-shattering breakup on camera. In my head, it sounds like he’s trying to spare himself from looking like the bad guy. Shannon said that all of this went down in November, so her holidays were tough. “I couldn’t believe he wasn’t here, and there would be days I would just cry myself to sleep.” At least she still has Archie to be the ultimate shoulder to cry on.

Rather than taking the David Beador route and publically shaming his ex, John kept his statements nice about Shannon. “I’ve been in pain over it,” he said. “I love Shannon very much. I have loved her more deeply than any woman in my life.” It sounds like a classic case of commitment issues. Poor Shannon.

Hey, at least the Tres Amigas are back together and, by the grace of God, will all appear in the next season of RHOC. Shannon and Vicki Gunvalson will be single ladies at the same time, which is both an exciting and nerve-wracking premise. Tamra Judge will be the ultimate wing woman to help her buddies get their love tanks refilled sooner rather than later. Let’s hope all of the incoming whooping it up will be caught on camera.


[Photo Credit: Ralph Bavaro/Bravo]