(Photo by: Bravo via Getty Images)

Erika Jayne Attempts to Settle $25 Million Lawsuit in Tom Girardi’s Bankruptcy

Things have not been going very smoothly for Erika Jayne these last few years. Fans might recall that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star filed for divorce from her husband, Tom Girardi, back in 2020. While unfortunate, that’s often par for the course with Real Housewives.

But there was a problem. Just a few months after filing, Tom would be indicted for allegedly embezzling more than $15 million from clients. This would result in bankruptcy for Tom, which would create a host of other legal troubles for him and Erika, halting their divorce proceedings.

Tom hasn’t been doing so hot, looking fragile in court and living with dementia. As for Erika, the extent of her involvement in Tom’s alleged crimes is still undetermined. Still, she suffers because of Tom’s actions, having to turn over diamond earrings apparently bought with embezzled money.

Innocent Erika dragged into Tom’s crimes?

At the very least, Erika is moving toward settling one of the bankruptcy cases and getting that much closer to divorce. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Erika and trustees from Tom’s company are in talks to resolve the case.

The parties asked the court to push the next hearing from June 6 to August 8. This should provide ample time to settle. Erika still denies any wrongdoing on her own part and is only involved in all of this because the money was spent on her.

As Erika’s lawyer said, “Ms. Girardi at all times was and is an entertainer with a 12th-grade education. Ms. Girardi was never and is not an attorney, and she trusted that GK, Mr. Girardi, and the outside accountants, given their superior knowledge and expertise, prepared proper, lawful, and legitimate tax returns.”

We’ll just have to wait for any developments going forward.