Kaitlin Tufts & Hall Toledano on Temptation Island Season 5
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Temptation Island Season 5 Couples Ranked by Their Chances of Staying Together

Summer’s steamiest dating show, Temptation Island, has returned, and the couples are going to have to be strong if they want to avoid temptation. The show features four couples in struggling relationships, separates them, and puts them to the ultimate test. The Temptation Island Season 5 couples are already showing major cracks in their relationships, and it’s likely that not all of them will exit the season together.

The Temptation Island couples are always in difficult relationships, but this crop of couples take the cake. The couples are facing major trust issues, 10-year age gaps, unhealthy dynamics, and an engagement that has one partner dragging their feet. Host Mark Walberg has his work cut out for him this season, as he coaches the couples through their problems.

Though not all the couples may leave the show together, each partner will hopefully leave with more clarity and understanding. These are the couples most likely to stick together, and the couples most likely to break up.   

Kaitlin Tufts & Hall Toledano

Kaitlin Tufts & Hall Toledano from Temptation Island Season 5 in a promo image
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Kaitlin Tufts and Hall Toledano are Temptation Island’s first engaged couple, but that doesn’t mean their relationship is on solid footing. In the premiere episode, it was revealed that it was Kaitlin’s idea to come on the show. It turns out she is the one who isn’t ready to move forward with wedding planning. 

The couple are dealing with a lot of issues, including healing from the year and a half they spent apart after Hall dumped Kaitlin. However, they have been together (on-and-off) for eight years, so there’s clearly something strong keeping them together. Katlin and Hall both seem to be flirts, based on the premiere. However, they are still the Temptation Island Season 5 couple most likely to resist temptation and stay together.

Marisela Figueroa & Christopher Wells

Marisela Figueroa and Christopher Wells from Temptation Island Season 5 in a promo image
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Marisela Figueroa and Christopher Wells’ relationship is a little less solid. Both Marisela and Christopher describe themselves as having “strong personalities” that often causes friction. In fact, Marisela revealed that she and Christopher “haven’t been able to get along” for the past two months.

A major problem is the lack of productive communication between Marisela and Christopher. However, there are other underlying issues as well. The two admitted that their relationship is codependent, and the couple have only been apart from each other in their relationship for less than two weeks. 

There’s certainly the risk that one or both of them will be tempted by the island’s singles. Christopher even described himself as a “respectable whore” when he was in his 20s. Regardless, Marisela and Christopher still have one of the stronger relationships among the Temptation Island Season 5 couples. Their time apart during the show may actually do them some good.

Paris Pedro & Great Ezihie

Leonila “Paris” Pedro and Nzubechukwu “Great” Ezihie from Temptation Island Season 5 in a promo image
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Both Paris Pedro and Greal Ezihie are quite young to be in such a serious relationship. But while Great would agree with that assessment, Paris has a different opinion. Paris comes from a culture where it’s perfectly normal to settle down at the age of 23 and start a family, which is what Paris wants. It’s Great who is trying to pump the breaks and slow down.

It’s clear that Paris and Great don’t see eye to eye, which is a major problem for the couple. However, just because Great isn’t ready to get married, it doesn’t mean his relationship with Paris should move at a glacial pace. Paris revealed that after almost two years, Great has made no major commitment, and the two don’t even live together.

With Great being so emotionally closed off and hesitant to fully commit, Paris might be swayed by the other options in front of her. She could give in to temptation and develop a connection with another man, or she may just decide to leave single. Great has also cheated on Paris multiple times, and the odds are high that this couple won’t leave together.

Vanessa Valente & Roberto Mal

Vanessa Valente and Roberto Mal from Temptation Island Season 5 in a promo image
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Where do you even begin with Vanessa Valente and Roberto Mal? This Temptation Island Season 5 couple came on to the show with the most relationship red flags. With a 10-year age gap, the decks are already stacked against them, but their age difference is the least of their worries.

At the couples’ first bonfire, it quickly became clear that Vanessa is the major problem in the relationship. Though she said she questions Roberto’s “maturity and loyalty,” it’s Vanessa who seems to not have a healthy idea of what their relationship should be. Vanessa showed herself to be very controlling of Roberto. He even admitted he often caves to her demands and “takes the L” just so he can smooth things over.

Roberto and Vanessa aren’t equal partners, and they certainly have the most issues out of any of the couples. So it stands to reason that these two will be the most likely to split up. Frankly, it’s hard to believe that their relationship has lasted this long at all, let alone what will happen when Vanessa and Roberto are separated and facing temptation.