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American Idol Judges Reportedly Boycotting The View After Whoopi Goldberg Trashed the Show

Whoopi Goldberg seems like an odd case sometimes. Surely, an EGOT winner must have all cylinders firing in their brain, right? A person doesn’t achieve so much by accident.

Yet, the host of The View just continues to slip up. Less than a month ago, Whoopi called reality TV the downfall of society, citing American Idol specifically. She claimed reality TV opened the door to too much judgment within the public. A hot take to be sure. As one might’ve expected, judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie weren’t just going to take that lying down.

Of all the shows she could’ve used as an example, American Idol was such a strange choice. Even stranger when considering the revival went on record saying it wouldn’t exploit bad auditions for entertainment. Sure, Katy was accused of bullying, but such claims didn’t even faze her, and so many jumped to her defense.

Whoopi just lost these judges’ votes

A source exclusively told Radar Online that “Katy, Lionel, and Luke are all boycotting The View. You can’t blame someone for literally destroying civilization, which is what Whoopi said, and then expect them to sit down and talk with you.”

It seems The View might be running out of potential interviewees. Case in point, the source also said, “The next time the Idol judges do press, they will appear on all ABC’s shows — but not The View.” What makes this situation even more bizarre is that The View is also under the Disney umbrella. Has Whoopi never heard of brand synergy?

Katy, Luke, and Lionel can’t be blamed here. While Whoopi’s point might be based on a shred of truth, it really doesn’t hold under scrutiny. The idea that reality TV is pure evil just because it displays judgmental behavior is completely asinine. It’s like saying that just because humans can do bad things, humanity on the whole is bad.

While reality TV can be bad for viewers in some sense, it can also be beautiful and inspiring, just like humanity on the whole. Whoopi’s claim is the same old song and dance we’ve heard since the conception of television. It’s an old-fashioned notion that we shouldn’t have to keep challenging.

Reality TV does not create the ills of society. If anything, the ills of society create bad reality TV. The issue Whoopi has is not with TV. It’s with a much broader system.