Darcey Silva
(Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Times When Darcey Silva Looked Extra Snatched

Darcey Silva has gotten many cosmetic procedures, and most of them are in an attempt to look “snatched.” The Darcey & Stacey star is obsessed with attaining her ideal body, which consists of a tiny waist accentuating her curves. Though some fans are dismayed when they see Darcey looking snatched beyond belief, she is living her best life.

While some may be quick to think Ozempic when they look at Darcey’s body transformation, her figure is due mainly to cosmetic surgeries and body sculpting. Darcey also received an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in 2022, which has helped to keep her appetite down. No matter how her body has changed over the years, Darcey still serves glam energy every chance she gets.

Darcey Looking Snatched in Dubai

Darcey Silva/Instagram

In her most recent Instagram post, Darcey’s snatched waist takes center stage. The photo was snapped while Darcey was on a trip to Dubai, and she looks stunning. Though there are likely filters at play, this is still probably the best fans have seen Darcey look in a while. 

However, even if Darcey has filtered or photoshopped the pic to snatch her waist, the plunging neckline and bodycon style of the dress do a lot to accentuate her curves. Darcey received many stunned comments from fans who were surprised by her new look. Darcey has been criticized in the past for resorting to cosmetic procedures. But if she keeps looking like this, fans may not be so judgmental.

Darcey Looks Ravishing in Red

Darcey Silva/Instagram

This highly-stylized photo probably does have a healthy dose of image manipulation, but the finished product is undeniably stunning. Darcey looks incredible in this red gown, and if her goal was to draw attention to her snatched waist, she accomplished it.

Of course, it’s a little strange that she’s balancing on a ladder, and due to the pose (or perhaps the photoshop) it seems like Darcey’s lost her legs. However, Darcey’s looking snatched, which is likely where she wants the audience’s eye to go to. Darcey doesn’t care if she’s missing a limb or two, or if she’s posing in a sketchy warehouse, her figure looks great, which is all that matters to her.

Optical Illusion

Darcey Silva/Instagram

In this photo, Darcey poses alongside her sister, Stacey Silva. Thanks to an optical illusion, the twins are looking more snatched than ever. With the sisters’ obsession with tiny waists, they may want to recycle the print from these dresses into new designs, because the pattern is brilliant when it comes to eye trickery.

The dots on the dress get larger on their larger curves, around the bust and hips. At the same time, the dots decrease in size in areas the twins want to look smaller, around the waist and knees. The result is an ultra-snatched look, and it’s a wonder that the Silva twins don’t utilize these sorts of optical illusions more often.

Darcey Looking Snatched on the High Seas


On a yacht party in Darcey & Stacey Season 4, Darcey’s rent-a-friend, Leslie, introduced her to an Israeli man sporting one of the deepest-v shirts you’ll ever see. Fortunately, Darcey showed up looking snatched in a black, one shoulder dress with a cutout around her midriff. 

The look was very appropriate to the setting and certainly gave off nautical elegance vibes. However, it’s Darcey’s waist that catches the eye. That’s primarily due to the fact that there’s a literal cutout at her waist saying, “look at me!” But still, Darcey managed to tailor her look to boost her curves as she hunted for a man to replace Georgi Rusev.

Darcey Promotes Weight Loss Product

Darcey Silva/Instagram

It’s easy to roll your eyes at Darcey’s promotion of sketchy weight loss products on Instagram. She’s been very transparent about her numerous surgeries and procedures, so it feels hypocritical. In the before-and-after photos in this BoomBod spon con, there does seem to be a difference. The after photo shows Darcey with a much trimmer waist than the before photo. 

But unfortunately, this set of pictures are probably all trickery. Darcey posed in different clothes, to suggest the photos were taken at different times. However, she’s still sporting the same hair and makeup. The pictures were most likely taken at or around the same time, with Darcey posing differently in each to look either more or less snatched.

Darcey and Aniko Soak Up the Sun

Darcey Silva/Instagram

Darcey never looks more beautiful than when she’s being a loving mother to her two daughters, and in this photo, she’s positively glowing. Posing alongside Aniko, the mother-daughter duo look incredible during golden hour. However, despite being next to her younger daughter, Darcey isn’t overshadowed.

Here, Darcey’s figure looks curvy without being cartoonish. Darcey’s snatched waist is, again, the star of the show. This photo was taken three years ago, so it’s only natural that her body would change. But Darcey won’t settle for anything less than a fully-snatched waist.