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90 Day Fiance Fans Roast Darcey Silva For Mentioning Her “Natural Beauty” On Instagram

Darcey SilvaWhere to begin? This reality starlet has peaked on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, not once, but twice. Talk about failing upwards. Darcey has not only escaped her two creepy exes, Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks, she even has her own show! The new show, aptly named Darcey and Stacey features Darcey and her twin sister, Stacey Silva,  getting into all kinds of shenanigans.

Not only did Stacey marry her man during the new show’s filming, Darcey has also nailed down a new boo. This time in Bulgaria!

Darcey is serving us some “new man, who dis?” energy on her social media lately. Especially after news of her fresh engagement.  Last week, she shared a post on Instagram that made fans feel some type of way. The photo was a side profile, hair in a ratty side part, and the main caption was a triple fire emoji. Darcey also included the hashtags “#darceysilva #DarceyAndStacey #tvseries #love #beautiful #hof11beauty #naturalbeauty” Side note, do people really search the hashtag “tvseries”? Who is that for?

Ever-ruthless Insta-followers went after Darcey for her use of the hashtag “natural beauty” due to her pretty obvious use of beauty enhancing products like extensions, lip injections, and Botox. Let’s not forget Darcey has also been getting weight loss injections.


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To be clear, no one is really ragging on her use of these kinds of products. It’s more about a new movement where fans ask their celebrities (even D-listers) to be honest about what natural really looks like. It’s the new “you’re not ugly, you’re poor” movement. Reassuring, right?

Some critical followers commented on Darcey’s post saying “If there’s a FILTER it’s NOT natural beauty”, Can’t be natural with so much Botox”, and “Natural beauty? Yes, back before you injected your face. Age gracefully, sweetheart.” Oof. Other, more rude people said things like “Darcey, why you posting old pics?” and “#naturalbeauty huh? Lol”


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Friendly followers showed support for their leading lady. One said, “Omg u see u look good without all the photo shop.” Yes. Give our girl some love.

Another follower defended Darcey saying, “Please be nice to her!! Why be mean!? She’s a human being! And a nice one at that! I’ve never ONCE heard her drag a woman they way some of you are dragging her. Let her post what she likes.” 


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Love her or hate her, I don’t think Darcey is going to be changing her beauty habits anytime soon. I say, let her live.
[Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]