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All of the Red Flags in Amanda & Razvan’s Relationship on Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6 has already introduced several new couples, including Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi. Amanda and Razvan met on social media, and Razvan helped to bring Amanda out of grief, following the death of her husband. The pair’s spark eventually turned into a long distance relationship, and Amanda has decided to travel to Romania to meet Razvan in person. While the couple has undeniable chemistry, there are also multiple bright red flags in their relationship.

Amanda May Not Be Ready for a New Relationship

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While Amanda was originally confident that she was ready for love again, her recent behavior towards Razvan has many viewers thinking otherwise. After arriving in Romania, Amanda quickly became distant, and did not seem enthusiastic to see Razvan when he picked her up from the airport. Razvan noticed this as well, and did not understand why Amanda wasn’t happier to see him.

After their first night together, Amanda did not seem any more comfortable with Razvan than she had been the day before. Amanda explained to producers that while it was nice to wake up with Razvan, it also made her feel strange and guilty. Later on in the day, Razvan offered Amanda a key to his house as a gift, although she did not accept it, as she explained she would not return to Romania for a while. Furthermore, Amanda even asked Razvan if he would be alright with her going home early.

Amanda met Razvan only a few months after Amanda’s husband Jason died from cancer, so it is understandable that she is still processing a lot of emotions. However, Amanda should not pursue a relationship with Razvan if she is not ready for one, as that is not fair to him.

Razvan Is Taking Things Too Fast

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While Amanda is taking things very slow, Razvan on the other hand, appears to be in way too much of a rush. After Amanda admitted that she did not see herself returning to Romania for a while, Razvan suggested that he could come to the United States instead. In fact, Razvan even threw out the idea of traveling to the United States shortly after Amanda left, as he had applied for a tourist visa.

Amanda was shocked to hear Razvan’s plans, and admitted that she did not know if she and her two young children were ready for him to come yet. While Razvan speaks to Amanda’s children on video chat periodically, he has never met them in person. Amanda’s children are also still in the process of grieving their father, so it makes sense that Amanda is not yet ready for them to fully meet Razvan.

Razvan’s eagerness to come to the United States is a slight red flag in itself, and it may suggest that he is looking for a green card in the future. If Amanda and Razvan want their relationship to work, they will have to find a pace that works for both of them.

Amanda Starts a Lot of Arguments


Although Amanda and Razvan have not been together in person for long, Amanda has already started several petty arguments with Razvan, which raises red flags. On her first night in Romania, Amanda became furious with Razvan for not clearing a space for her things on the bathroom counter. Razvan’s countertop was notably small, so this seemed like an unnecessary thing for Amanda to nitpick about.

The next day, Amanda became flustered when her son had a conversation with Razvan regarding the death of his father. While this is of course a difficult situation, Amanda appeared to take her feelings out on Razvan and used this as a reason to try to leave early. Razvan explained that he understood Amanda’s worries about her children, but ultimately wanted her to stay, as they did not have much time together to begin with.

It is clear that Razvan is working hard to impress Amanda, although she does not seem to be recognizing his efforts. If Amanda keeps starting small arguments with Razvan, it may ultimately lead to their relationship’s demise.

Razvan’s Career May Not Mesh Well With Amanda’s Jealousy

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Razvan is a TikTok star, who also partakes in occasional acting and modeling, although this could cause big problems in his relationship with Amanda. Amanda has previously shared concerns about Razvan’s work, mainly over the fact that he has so many female followers. Furthermore, Razvan has shared with his friends that he feels Amanda has jealousy issues, which he is worried could affect things later on.

Razvan previously consulted Amanda about an acting job, which would require him to kiss another actress on screen. Amanda quickly shut the idea down, and admitted that she struggled with this aspect of Razvan’s job. In the past, this even led Amanda to break up with Razvan multiple times, before the pair met face to face.

It does not seem like Razvan intends to switch careers anytime soon, so Amanda will have to accept his job if their relationship is to work out. Amanda and Razvan certainly have a lot to work out, but none of their problems are things that cannot be solved by just communicating.