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Daisy Kelliher ‘Leery’ of Colin MacRae Before Hook Up

That’s a lot of drama for such tight quarters. Season 4 on Parisfal III descended into chaos with the emerging love triangle between Daisy Kelliher, Gary King, and Colin MacRae. The trio worked together since Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2, but this is the first time it’s gotten so messy.

This is the first season that the newly single Colin played the field. But Gary and Daisy flirted from the beginning. There were a lot of questions about how far their physical relationship went, besides the hot-tub kiss on camera. In a drunken moment that Daisy labeled, “tactical,” Gary spilled the beans he had slept with Daisy twice.

Colin reacted harshly to the secrecy and questioned whether he wanted to be involved with Daisy and her drama. But in response, Daisy claimed that she had reason to be cautious with her emotions towards Colin.

Daisy didn’t want to “just be another girlfriend”

After mixing in a little bit of alcohol on a crew night out, Gary and Colin managed to level out and patch things up. But the very same night, Daisy mistook Colin for Gary while she and the engineer were in bed together. Needless to say, Colin pumped the brakes again and suggested Daisy, “figure out” what she wants.

The two fought again the following morning. Daisy made excuses and blamed Gary for getting in her head. Colin challenged his love interest to “take accountability” for her words and actions.

The dynamic mid-season is a mess, though Daisy told People that she had high hopes. She admitted the relationship with Colin, “started to get really, really heavy, really quickly.”

Even a Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewer could guess that Colin offered more potential for a serious relationship than Gary. Daisy said as much to the publication, “Colin and I were definitely a lot more serious.”

Perhaps there was potential, but the close quarters with Gary, “added another dynamic to mine and Colin’s relationship.” Daisy called the situation, “complicated.” Indeed, Daisy and Gary didn’t cut back on their flirting yet she insisted to Colin that she was interested in him. Ultimately, Daisy said she and Colin, “weren’t getting on — and Gary was still there.”

This just keeps getting messier. And who knows what the situation is in real-time, but Daisy had a reflective moment during the interview.

“We got to learn a lot about each other,” she told People. “I think he was more surprised by me than I was by him. I think he was surprised at how affectionate I am because I put on a scary facade — everyone thinks I’m this ice queen when I’m working, but I actually do have a soft side, and I am intimate and I am affectionate.”

Despite opening up, Daisy “definitely had my wall up.” She added, “It takes a lot for me to break that down.”

“Unfortunately it wasn’t smooth sailing, no pun intended. I think in an ideal world we would’ve liked each other, we would’ve gotten to know each other and kind of progressed into that. But I did have a history with Gary and that’s not anyone’s fault. Colin was taken [at the time I slept with Gary], and Gary and I get along and, yeah, I guess we have feelings for each other to some level. So that just added so much complicated stuff,” Daisy explained.

Surprisingly, there were aspects of Colin’s life that gave Daisy pause. Or she is just saying that to deflect her sloppy behavior?

“I was also leery of Colin. He does have a lot of girlfriends, so I didn’t want to be just another girlfriend,” Daisy said. “And for me, I felt he needed to take time to be on his own and figure life out on his own before we got into something serious. So there was a lot going on while we were trying to navigate our feelings for each other.”

Clearly, Daisy struggled with the outcome of her decisions. Perhaps a clean break is in order.

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