Below Deck Season 7
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The Below Deck Guests’ Most Ridiculous Requests

When chartering a Below Deck yacht, preference sheets are procured before the guests ever even step foot onboard. On these, charter guests list their food and beverage demands, desired onboard activities, and goals for their hard-earned vacations. Working hard for large tips, these demands are usually met by the crew onboard, no matter how extreme—as can be seen in some of the Below Deck guests’ most ridiculous requests.

Most of the time, requests are as simple as a particular diet being upheld. Other times, guests desire water toys, onboard massages, and/or themed parties.

On rare instances, requests have veered towards the ridiculous. These asks also require a lot of extra effort from an already overworked crew.

Insert Kate Chastain‘s deadpan voice expressing, “in my head, I’m saying I hate you so much.”

Over the 10 seasons that Below Deck (and its spinoffs) have aired, said requests have only heightened. Grouped together within its series, here are some of the wildest requests thus far.

Below Deck Down Under: Prom Night

Aesha Scott/Instagram

The first season of Below Deck Down Under was relatively mild in terms of onboard requests. One requested event, however, still stands out—prom.

In episode 8, the guests asked for a prom-themed party. While working through her interior duties, Chief Stew Aesha Scott scrambled to find formal attire for her crew. After finding said items, Aesha then decorated the yacht for prom. Finally, the party went off without a hitch.

Below Deck Adventure: Models Needed

Kasie Faddah/Instagram

Below Deck Down Under packed on the adventure during its first season. Overall, the guests were mostly reasonable, yet one asked the female crew members to take on an added title; model.

During the finale episode, the crew had a lot of work before them when preparing for the final lunch, which was to take place inside of a cave.

Nevertheless, Carole Chen, a fashion designer turned guest, decided to pull Chief Stew, Faye Clarke, and Kasie Faddah, a Stewardess, away. Taken from party prep, Carole requested that these crew members turn into fashion models for her couture line.

Somehow, the crew still managed to pull it all together in time.

Below Deck Mediterranean: Colored Gumballs Only


Below Deck Mediterranean‘s former Chief Stew, Hannah Ferrier, experienced one of Below Deck guests’ most ridiculous requests during Season 3.

When a charter guest wrote “gumballs” on their preference sheet, Hannah had white gumballs delivered to the boat prior to the guests boarding.

While the guests were sunbathing, they placed their request for said gumballs. When a bowl of white gumballs was offered, the guests immediately recoiled in disgust and requested colored gumballs be found.

As Hannah and her stews searched for this request, a charter guest can be heard saying, “I’m going to make them helicopter in some rainbow gumballs.”

Thankfully, colored gumballs were found and the guests carried on with their tanning, leaving the crew alone to second guess their life choices (probably).

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Stop This Ship

Erica Rose/Instagram

Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s 4 seasons has brought many memorable guests thus far.

In Season 2, charter guest, Erica Rose, requested that Captain Glenn Shephard do something to make the sailing yacht stop rocking. Unfortunately for Erica, a thunderstorm was overhead. Even though Erica knew this was the cause of the vessel’s swaying, she still asked for the boat to be made still.

Captain Glenn does not control the weather.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Strip For The Tip

Daisy Kelliher/Instagram

A second tall order was placed just last season on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

During Season 3, a primary charter guest requested that the crew put on a talent show. The “really?!” look on Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher‘s face was clear.

In between their onboard duties, the crew managed to pull it all together.

To start, Colin Macrae served as the MC, as Daisy and Gabriela Barragán performed a Spanish-styled dance. Chef Marcos Spaziani then spun a pan on a finger while Kelsie Goglia and Ashley Marti line danced. Next, Captain Glenn told a dad joke, which was a hit. For the finale, Gary King performed a striptease for the male primary.

Thankfully, these charter guests were easy to please. That or the interior department did their jobs well, keeping the mixed drinks flowing.

Below Deck (Original): The Foam Party


Below Deck has been around for a decade. Therefore, the OG show contains the largest amount of ridiculous requests within the franchise.

In Season 3, primary charter guest, Steve Bradley, requested a foam party. Dryly speaking in a confessional, Kate immediately sounds off on foam parties by saying “they should probably just stay where they belong, in 1997.”

Steve requested neck-deep foam, but the wind continually blew the foam off of the deck. When Steve’s friends failed to join him in the ankle deep foam, Stewardess, Amy Johnson, happily jumped in, yelling “foam party 2015!”

Below Deck (Original): Connie The Cat

Connie Arias/Instagram

Deckhand Connie Arias was down for anything asked of her while shooting Below Deck’s Season 3. Here, Connie’s antics ranged from wearing whipped cream bikinis to literally befriending every single crew member.

At first, a guest mentioned that she wanted a kitten, so Connie dressed like a cat. She then walked on all fours into their salon. To end, Connie drank from a small saucer of milk on the floor.

Anything for a tip.

Below Deck (Original): Scuppers’ Meals

Ben Robinson/Instagram

One Below Deck charter guest had an ask of the very talented Chef Ben Robinson.

During Season 4, Chef Ben’s nightly routine involved mixing fresh ground red beef and lamb (with some spices) into a silver serving bowl for a guest named Scuppers. This guest required the same dinner each night while onboard.

Scuppers was a French Poodle.

Below Deck (Original): The 10-Course Dinner

Rachel Hargrove/Instagram

Chef Rachel Hargrove is one of the most skilled chefs to ever grace the Below Deck franchise.

During Season 8, one primary charter guest filled out pages worth of preference sheet notes concerning their dietary desires. One of these requests included a 10-course dinner.

Already overworked, Rachel snapped.

“I quit. Eat my cooter. I’d like a flight home. Suck my d**k.” Finally, Rachel’s inner dialogue spilled out.

Luckily, Rachel stayed and managed just fine. Mostly.