Ben Robinson

My Top 5 Below Deck Chefs

There’s something for everyone on Bravo, so if you don’t like to see rich ladies sitting around their house arguing, you can also see them fight on a yacht! Yes, there’s nothing quite like crystal clear ocean water and over-privileged people complaining.

This is why we’re so fortunate to have the Below Deck franchise. It’s debauchery with a view! But it costs a lot of money to be fed well on one of these vessels and viewers have seen their fair share of chefs in the galley. Some chefs have what it takes and some… simply float away. It’s time for a Best Below Deck Chefs List!

5. Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran / Below Deck Mediterranean

Former Below Deck Mediterranean Chef Kiko Lorran was done dirty, by most people’s standards. Maybe he wasn’t the greatest chef ever, but what he lacked in skill he made up in enthusiasm. Unfortunately enthusiasm wasn’t what Captain Sandy Yawn wanted. Kiko had a lot of charm and he got on famously with the crew, but the guests weren’t feeling his lack of flair or his sad nachos. After repeated warnings from Captain Sandy, Kiko’s anxieties began to weigh heavy in his performance. Though Kiko had over 10 years experience working in international cuisine, the yachtie life straight up kicked him in the teeth. Sandy abruptly fired Kiko and his departure was painful. While he didn’t wow anyone with his food prep, he gets on the list because #justiceforkiko.

4. Adrian Martin / Below Deck

Adrian Martin appeared on Below Deck and compared to previous chefs, he was a regular blooming flower of peace and happiness. Adrian loved meditating, doing yoga, and reflecting on his idyllic childhood in Saint Marten. And then there was his food. This man was a whimsical, creative genius when it came to preparing things that had previously lived in the ocean. Unfortunately for Adrian, his mouth got him in trouble when he attempted to sweet talk a member of the interior crew. We never saw Adrian again because he’s off being a fancy private chef in New York City, but we will always remember the looks of amazement from satisfied guests.

3. Marcos Spaziani / Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Chef Marcos Spaziani might not be at the top of your list but maybe he should be. This is a man dedicated to his craft and he proved it during Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s third season. Marcos had been working as a chef for over 10 years before hooking up with the Parsifal III. His culinary delights were a treat for most guests – he could cook gourmet Venezuelan, Korean, Italian, you name it. Maybe sometimes the portions were a little small, but he was just trying to keep everyone’s carbon imprint low! Marcos really set the bar for galley chefs when he nearly sliced his own head off but kept on working. Atta boy!

2. Rachel Hargrove / Below Deck

If Captain Lee Rosbach likes you, you must be doing something right. Chef Rachel Hargrove is a spitfire who can have questionable mood swings, but if you are a chef and you aren’t moody, are you even cheffing? Rachel’s guests would rave over her entrées and Captain Lee was always impressed. The hard-to-please Stud of the Sea even labeled Rachel one of the best yacht chefs he’s ever worked with. Rachel’s extremely no-nonsense attitude might lead to clashes with the crew every once in a while, and maybe she might curse everyone out and storm off the boat. But she comes back when she’s had a moment and continues to serve masterpiece meals.


1.  Ben Robinson / Below Deck

Oh Ben Robinson, you were our first chef. Ben helped ease everyone into the yacht life with his dry wit and fetching British accent. He’s the OG chef and for that reason, he gets to be number one on today’s list. His spicy demeanor, incredible dishes, and English temper served as a benchmark for all chefs who come behind him. Ben had conflicts with Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain, their love/hate relationship and banter was legendary. Ben came on mid-season once to save the day after Leon Walker took his beef cheeks and left the boat in a huff. He also returned to save the season when Mila Kolomeitseva lied about her experience failed to perform up to standards. Ben was an excellent addition to the crew and went above and beyond what was expected of him – and he did it while being funny. This is why Chef Ben will be number one on our list – until someone funnier comes along…


[Photo Credit: Bravo]