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Kim Zolciak’s Friend Responds to Kroy Biermann’s Alleged Kidnapping Threats

If you thought for a second the Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann drama had died down, you would be wrong. These two cannot get it together for themselves or for “the sake of the children.” It’s very sad – it’s also very ugly.

Kim and Kroy seemingly take every opportunity to go after each other. Maturity doesn’t appear to be an option and neither does keeping things on a civil level. Most recently, the Don’t Be Tardy alums had a “kidnapping” incident. Kim’s friend Elise Humphries had a playdate with KJ Biermann and it made Kroy unhappy. He called the cops and on that day, a new mess was born.

Now Elise responds to Kroy alleging she nabbed his kid. She addressed the ordeal on her Instagram Story.

Elise is Team Kim

via @elisehumphries23’s Instagram Story

Elise posted a super-long statement explaining she had Kimbo’s permission to take KJ to the rodeo with her daughter. She said, “There was zero kidnapping.” But clearly, there was a miscommunication between the parents.

She continued, “His mother Kim, who is an incredible mom and friend, gave me permission and brought him to meet me & his two best friends, one is my daughter.” Further, Elise implied Kroy threatened the kidnapping charges to assist in his custody case with Kim. But if we’re being honest, neither of them are parental goals.

Elise added, “[KJ’s] father, Kroy, is desperately trying to control every move to ensure he gets full custody and child support so he falsely accused me of kidnapping KJ so he can appear as the parent who takes the kids out.”

Additionally, Elise claims Kim didn’t “misuse the 911 system” when she called the po po regarding the incident. The 911 operators may or may not agree with this assessment. “She was terrified I was going to get arrested,” Elise explained. And now we get to the good part.

“Please pray for Kim and the kids because they need them while they navigate Kroy’s narcissistic, controlling behavior,” Kim’s new BFF said. During Kim’s 911 call, she was totally calm but advised the dispatcher that KJ was “shaking and hysterically crying.” Because KJ and the rest of the kids are sick and tired of Kim and Kroy’s histrionics and a family of wolves would be better for them at this point. Ultimately, Kim declined the support of law enforcement and went to fetch her kid.

It was previously speculated that Kroy overreacted about the playdate because he didn’t trust Elise for unspecified reasons. Also, when Kroy rang Elise to have KJ brought home, she allegedly hung up on him. Team Kids.

Stay tuned, the week isn’t over yet!