Below Deck Down Under Complete Guide: Updates, Cast, Seasons

Captain Jason Chambers
(Photo by: Mark Rogers/Bravo via Getty Images)

The original Below Deck series was an instant hit, gifting viewers with multiple spinoffs since its debut in 2013. First airing on Peacock in May 2022, Below Deck Down Under became the third spinoff within this ever-expanding nautical franchise. Following the successful first showing, Bravo began to rebroadcast this entertaining new series on July 2022.

Underneath the guests quarters, multiple cameras captured the lives of the crew members onboard, as they lived and worked throughout the 150-foot super yacht. With firings, fights, and flings, Below Deck Down Under quickly found high viewership.

For this series, the 6-weeks of filming, and the guests charters, took place around the northeastern edges of Australia, More specifically in the Whitsunday Islands and in the Great Barrier Reef sections.

Want to know more? Read on. This Below Deck Down Under guide will explore this new series fully for you, while you relax in comfort like the primary charter guest that you are (internally, at least).

Below Deck Down Under Cast Members


Chief Stew Aesha Scott, a former stewardess on Below Deck Mediterranean, led the interior department for Season 1. Joining her team were Stews Tumi Mhlongo and Magda Ziomek. Unfortunately, Magda couldn’t work quickly enough. She was replaced by Taylor Dennison.

Chef Ryan McKeown‘s Season 1 debut fell flat. Ryan consistently disrespected the guests‘ wishes, and the asks from various members of the crew, including Captain Jason Chambers. Chef Nate Post saved the day by replacing Ryan.

The exterior department for Season 1 was led by Bosun Jamie Sayed. His team consisted of Deckhands Brittini Burton, Culver Bradbury, and Benny Crawley.

With Season 2 set to air shortly, Aesha is returning to her role, leading Stews Laura Bileskaine and Margot Sisson.

The exterior department, however, was completely recast. Luke Jones will take on the Bosun role, leading Deckhands Harry Van Vilet and Adam Lukasiewicz. That said, Bravo revealed that this department is “initially understaffed,” so another exterior crew member will likely join in at some point.

Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph will be whipping up every meal in the galley for Season 2.

Leading from the wheelhouse since the inaugural episode is Captain Jason. He is the youngest to lead from the helm thus far on any of the Below Deck series.

Memorable Moments


The drama bar started and remained on high during Below Deck Down Under Season 1. In fact, on the crew’s very first charter, a hydraulic leak occurred. As the yacht began to release large plumes of smoke, the crew scrambled to address the issue while also making sure that the guests needs were met.

Throughout the first half of Season 1, Tumi remained a calm, hardworking presence, lending an ear often to Chef Ryan. However, it failed to keep things calm in the galley.

Chef Ryan was fired following a less than great English Tea, compounded by multiple other guest and crew complaints. On this matter, Ryan was filmed muttering “Captain’s a f***ing vagina” while packing his bags. Overhearing this comment, Captain Jason gave Ryan a 25-minute time limit to exit the yacht.

The power struggle didn’t end here. When Ryan finally left, he did so by flashing his bottom at his former captain and crew. Madga left much quieter when her time came, for the record.

Other interpersonal issues quickly formed. Jamie and Ben struggled to work cohesively on the deck while Jamie found Captain Jason to not be as supportive as needed.

Exterior team clashes occurred throughout the entire season, but the most intense moment occurred when the chain locker needed to be managed during deploying. Here, Ben felt like his life was in danger.

Season 2’s trailers currently tease a continuation of new memorable moments.

Below Deck Down Under Seasons


Below Deck Down Under currently has one season under its belt. Unlike the first season’s Peacock debut, Season 2 will be airing soon on Bravo on July 17, 2023.

Leaving her nomadic life behind once again, Aesha’s return, alongside Captain Jason’s, cannot come soon enough.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Episodes


As this spinoff is still relatively young, only 17 episodes of Below Deck Down Under have graced our screens.

However, 17 is a large number for a premiere season, so it’s likely that Season 2 will pack in even more episodes over its duration. In fact, BravoTV even states “beginning Monday, July 24, two new episodes will air back-to-back each week.”

Sound the horns. It’s time to board another season on Below Deck Down Under.