Bombshell Moments From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4

Captain Glenn on Below Deck Sailing Yacht
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Below Deck Sailing Yacht had a slippery Season 4. And by slippery, we mean entertaining with a side of cringe. In fact, Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4’s bombshell moments are some of the most memorable from the series. The double-header finale episode just aired, answering some of our questions while admittedly creating several more.

Between a love triangle, accusations of theft, and issues within the vessel itself, this season had a little something for everyone. Minus Gary King. After heavily playing the field, the only storyline he’s taking away from the Parsifal III is a single status.

Stow away the finery. The sailing yacht is heeling under the weight of these memorable moments from Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4.

The Season Almost Stopped On Day 1

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Right out of the gate, troubled waters formed. After Captain Glenn Shephard, Daisy Kelliher, Colin MacRae, Ileisha Dell, Lucy Edmunds, Alex Propson, Chase Lemacks, and Mads Herrera arrived onboard, a mechanical issue arose.

(Gary did not arrive until episode 3, following a positive COVID-19 test).

“The engine’s full of water,” Colin reported from the engine room. “The after cooler is meant to cool down the air going into the engine using salt water,” Colin explained to the cameras. “But there’s been a malfunction, and that salt water has ended up inside the engine, where there’s only meant to be pure, clean oil.”

Calling in the manufacturer for assistance, a repair estimate of 15 days was given. Captain Glenn stated “our season is finito. We’re done.”

At this point, Colin went to Captain Glenn with an out-of-the-box idea. Colin had a way to clean out the saltwater and run the engine without using the after cooler. Captain Glenn would have to move slowly behind the wheel, but the yacht would be able to get off the dock, saving the charter season.

Colin’s plan worked and Season 4’s drama below the deck could continue.

Daisy Set Her Sights On Colin, Not Gary

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Since first appearing on Season 2, a flirtatious banter has existed between Gary and Daisy. When Gary boarded in episode 3, he went straight to Daisy. However, Daisy held back a bit, and in episode 8, she finally kissed her chosen beau.

It wasn’t Gary. It was Colin.

While fans cheered from their couches over Daisy’s choice, Gary began to fall apart.

The Interior Department Was Accused Of Theft

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

During charter 5, Daisy’s interior team was accused of theft. Here, a guest spoke to Daisy in an accusing tone, claiming “I took off my diamond necklace and earrings and I put them on this counter. I’m so upset.” Daisy reassured the women that it was somewhere on the boat. “Don’t you have like a video of people that are walking down here?” the guest then asked. “I’m pretty responsible when it comes to my diamond necklace. I’m just like in shock. I’m shaking.”

This is the first time that any crew member from the Below Deck franchise has been accused of stealing from a charter guest.

While Daisy searched, another guest could be overheard saying, “Don’t leave any of your stuff out.” At this point, Daisy went and grabbed Captain Glenn.

“I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a theft on a super yacht,” Glenn first told the producers. He then added that he didn’t believe anyone on his crew would have done such a thing. Mads and Lucy began to tear apart the cabin. Sure enough, the missing necklace and earrings were found in a guests handbag.

The guests never apologized.

Gary Spilled That He and Daisy Slept Together

Daisy Kelliher/Instagram

Midway through this season, Gary and Daisy grew strained over her pairing with Colin. Being Gary, he decided to unload a secret as the camera’s were rolling.

In a conversation with Daisy, Gary lamented on how the pair had slept together at the end of Season 3. At this damaging revelation, Daisy’s eyes grew large, knowing that their well kept secret was no more. In a confessional, Daisy later stated that they were actually intimate twice.

That night, Daisy told Colin that she’d slept with Gary. Colin was shocked and stormed out of the cabin.

The next morning, Colin spoke to Gary, asking him why he had kept this information hidden. Gary expressed that Daisy wanted to keep it a secret. Therefore, Gary outed Daisy as a form of revenge for her pairing with Colin.

Gross, Gary.

The Finale Thrupple Fight

Glenn Shephard/Instagram

In the just-aired finale, a thrupple came onboard. Here, charter guests Brad, Randy, and Nic became heated (and drunk) during a dinner service. As their fighting intensified and the men stood up from the table, Lucy called for Captain Glenn to come down.

When Captain Glenn made it to the men, he threatened that this “aggro” behavior would see a guest getting kicked off. Though one could be heard giving backtalk, the aggression finally died down.

Everyone stayed onboard.

Gary Finally Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Mads Herrera/Instagram

All season long, Alex has crushed on Mads. Mads, however, spent this season engaged in a no-strings-attached series of flings with Gary. She regrets this now.

Finally over Gary’s constant flipping between herself and Daisy, Mads kissed Alex during a cab ride home following a crew’s night out. “Get the f**k out,” Gary told Mads after this was disclosed. Gary got out of his bunk at this point to see Mads to the door.

Alex is great. We can therefore now support Mads choice in men.

The Finale Cliffhanger

Below Deck Sailing/Instagram

Daisy and Colin exited the Parsifal III together, discussing an attempt at a long distance relationship. As the couple hugged and kissed their farewells, their pairing appeared solid.

Following filming, mysterious hints and words spoken through various Instagram pages and stories began to pop up. These all point to a now-broken pairing between the two.

We need answers on this latest bombshell discovery.

A Bombshell-Filled Reunion Is Still Ahead

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

Bombshell moments are still ahead, as teased in the finale trailer.

Daisy’s “disgusted.”

Gary’s seen slinking down out of the camera’s reach.

Colin reveals why a relationship turned toxic, as Daisy appears in tears before leaving the at-home-set.

Unfortunately for the cast members involved, Season 4 just keeps on giving.