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Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Are Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae Still Together?

Nothing boded well for this couple. But if there is any question that Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae are still together, the Below Deck Sailing Yacht chief stew teased the question during a recent interview.

Gary King’s erratic flirting with both Daisy and junior stew Mads Herrera complicated Daisy’s relationship with Colin. He strategically revealed that he had slept with Daisy in between seasons. The revelation rocked Daisy and Colin’s fledgling relationship, but they pulled through. However the drama didn’t end there. The constant flirtations between the long time friends made Colin uncomfortable. So, even if Daisy and the chief engineer made it as a couple thus far, the real question may be whether they should continue.

Are Below Deck’s Daisy and Colin still together?

No, Daisy and Colin from Below Deck Sailing Yacht are no longer together.

Conversation about whether or not they were ever truly dating is still rife. What has become clear since Season 4 wrapped filming, however, is that the two have quite a troubled relationship. That was further explored in the Season 4, two-part reunion, in which Colin described his time with Daisy as “toxic,” and said there “is no reasoning with this woman.”

Daisy gave an exclusive interview to In Touch Weekly describing how she and Colin went from being co-workers to lovers.

“I knew Colin was single and there’s kind of always been something between me and Colin. So, in a way I was surprised, but I also wasn’t surprised, if that makes sense,” she said via video interview.

“We’re also very different, so I wasn’t sure how compatible we were. But yeah, I guess we were both single and ready to make out,” the Irish native gushed.

But the pressing matter is whether Daisy and Colin are together in real time. Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 was a sloppy mess for the two of them, so what does the future hold?

Are Daisy and Gary back on the menu?

Gary is an afterthought now. Daisy thinks he waited too long to make a move. She said, “I felt like Gary came to me with his feelings a little bit too late and things may have been different if he had been more upfront in the past, but he didn’t, so that kind of set that record straight.”

In one of the more stressful parts of the season, Colin and Gary were not speaking. Colin questioned why his boat bestie did not tell him that he had slept with Daisy. She was concerned for their friendship.

“In regard to worrying about their friendship, I did worry. I definitely didn’t want to break up a friendship or anything like that. That’s the last thing I would’ve wanted. I was kind of expecting Gary to maybe kick off a bit, but not quite to the extent he did,” Daisy explained.

Since filming wrapped, Daisy and Colin have kept mum on their relationship status. Though they did celebrate his birthday together in L.A. on October 31. The birthday weekend included a motorcycle ride on the seaside cliffs.

“Birthday weekend off to an epic start with us happening to be in LA at the same time, and @eaglerider generously giving us a sick bike to blast around on for the day. 1700cc of power between my legs. Unreal!!” Colin posted to his Instagram last fall.

Fans noticed that Daisy no longer follows Colin on Instagram, while several others pointed out that Gary and Daisy are currently filming the upcoming Season 5 in Ibiza. For his part, Colin is in French Polynesia as of July 2023.

Meanwhile, Below Deck Sailing Yacht just aired its Season 4 finale. The reunion airs July 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.