Predictions for the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion

Daisy Kelliher, Alex Propson
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht had a particularly intense Season 4. Luckily, a two-part reunion was ordered, which will hopefully assist in wrapping up many of the rocky storylines found within. To note, in the Below Deck franchise, reunions either do not occur, or they are only one episode in length. Only a handful of seasons over the past decade have ever warranted a two-part reunion.

To further explain how messy this season got, and how important the upcoming reunion episodes will be to sort it all out, the series regulars of Colin MacRae, Daisy Kelliher, and Gary King found themselves entangled in a love triangle. Here, a jealous Gary continuously flirted with Daisy, while also having an onboard fling with one of Daisy’s stews, Mads Herrera. Giving Gary a taste of his own noncommittal medicine, Mads flirted and kissed one of Gary’s deckhands, Alex Propson, all while Colin crushed on Daisy, asking her to make it clear to Gary that his flirting needed to cease.

Got all of that? We hear you. It was….a lot. With all of the messes found within (and post) filming, these are our predictions for the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion.

Colin MacRae Will Be Coming In Hot

Colin MacRae/Instagram

Season 4 brought onboard a newly single Colin. Within the first few charters, Colin admitted that he found the new (and AMAZING) Chef Ileisha Dell attractive. Once it was made known that Ileisha had a boyfriend back on land, Colin’s attentions turned towards Daisy, his long time friend. However, Gary and Daisy have always held a flirtatious banter, and this continued despite their new boatmances forming.

After filming, rumors of a break-up between Colin and Daisy started making the rounds. At one point, Daisy even went on Watch What Happens Live and explained to Andy Cohen that she felt Colin had a lot to answer to at the reunion.

In reply, Colin posted the reunion trailer, and in the comments, he expressed his frustrations. Here, Colin penned, “To my BD peeps: I have bitten my tongue about a few things for a year now since filming below deck season 4, even after someone went on national TV and said I had a lot of explaining to do at the reunion, which caused me some grief and sparked some outrageous rumors. Well, the 2 part reunion airs on Monday and Tuesday this week on @bravotv. I finally break my silence…”

In the reunion trailer, Colin also states that his relationship with Daisy turned toxic. Therefore, we can safely predict that Colin will be coming in hot at the reunion, ready to defend the ending of his and Daisy’s pairing. From what it sounds like now, Daisy is the one who will need to explain her role in the pair’s falling out. More on that in a bit.

Rumors are also swirling that filming is currently underway for Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Season 5. One Reddit thread is even claiming that while Daisy and Gary are back onboard with Captain Glenn Shephard, Colin is sitting this one out. This points to, if true, something fairly large coming in between Colin and Daisy.

We need answers, and unfortunately, we predict that these answers might cast one or two beloved cast members in a negative light.

Daisy Kelliher Will Be On The Defense

Daisy Kelliher/Instagram

Two days prior to Colin’s online rant, Daisy posted a cryptic statement. Here, Daisy wrote “Despite being called some incredibly disgusting things. I stand by everything last season. These last few months have been rough but I wouldn’t change a thing. I laughed, I cried, made mistakes, made friends, I loved, lived and learned and had a blast.”

During the reunion, we predict that these “disgusting things” said will be made known. We also predict that whatever Colin has to say, Daisy will be on the defense, and rightfully so if the narrative spoken wasn’t her experience.

That said, throughout Season 4, Daisy continued to flirt with Gary, not heeding Colin’s asks to stop until closer to the end of the season. Therefore, we hope that Daisy will admit to any wrongdoings when called out by Colin, as she isn’t innocent.

As Daisy and Colin are both (mostly) beloved cast members, we are now putting this hopeful prediction out into the seas; We predict that Daisy and Colin will hear each other out and walk away as friends, with a better understanding of each others perspective. Too hopeful? We truly hope not.

The New Hires Will Be The Palate Cleansers

Lucy Edmunds/Instagram

Chef Ileisha, Mads, Lucy, Alex, and deckhand Chase Lemacks all nailed their responsibilities in Season 4. While onboard, these newly hired cast members formed a tight bond that still exists post filming. The group even visited LA together, where they met up with Daisy and Season 3’s Chef Marcos Spaziani.

Typically, the department heads come off as the ones corralling poor behaviors seen within their respective departments. This season, however, the turntables turned, and the chef, the stews, and the deckhands were all drama-free. We predict that their good natures will emerge again during the reunion, bringing levity to some of the aforementioned story lines.

That said, all five of these excellent hires had all grown tired of Gary by the end of filming. During the reunion, we predict that their individual frustrations will become known, placing Gary in the hottest of seats out of the entire cast. As Gary tried to pit Alex against Chase while ignoring Mads’ calls for a no-strings-attached pairing, he’ll likely have several of these crew members fingers pointed his way.

Finally, curious minds want to know, is Ileisha still with her boyfriend? If not, did she give Chase, who adored her, a chance during their post filming travels?