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Kroy Biermann Accused of Refusing to Pay Massive Credit Card Bill

This might seem like a repeat headline, but I assure you it isn’t. Kroy Biermann is really testing those “for better or worse” marriage vows. Kroy and Kim Zolciak are trying to repair their marriage after months of heavy issues, but there doesn’t seem to be any fixing their financials.

Somehow, their debt keeps growing. Kim might want to stop hitting the salon and brush her weave at home. In the latest twist, which no longer counts as a twist, this is just now a regular day for the couple, Kroy is facing another big fat bill. Radar has the details.

More hot water

Life is not getting any easier for the Real Housewives of Atlanta alums, despite reconciling their marriage. Kroy and Kim spent waaaaay more than they had and it’s all catching up to them. Now Kroy has another company pulling him into court.

Law documents show Discover Bank wants their money. They filed a civil lawsuit for an unpaid credit card bill on July 14. Unfortunately, Discover will have to get in line behind BMW, Target, the IRS, and mom-and-pop betting venues. Sadly, Kroy is taking Discover’s slogan of “The Card That Pays You Back” too literally.

Court docs allege Kroy was given a credit card by Discover but didn’t make the payments. The amount owed was a whopping $11,275.45. Now the company wants Kroy to pony up the entire balance and attorney fees, to which I say – good luck with that.

Kroy’s last billing statement stated that the minimum payment was $2,055 as of May 2023. There would be an enormous problem if I ever saw a minimum payment like that and there wasn’t a flying car in my driveway.

But Kroy’s billing receipts show tons of purchases related to … his Xbox as well as Uber Eats expenses. You really want to feel empathy for this couple during these trying times, but alas, it’s difficult.

In comparison, this paltry $11k bill from Discover is nothing compared to a government lien over $1 million. Oh, and Simmons Bank wants $300k for a line of credit they provided to Kim and Kroy. Realistically, they should probably pay the alleged $52k they owe a casino in the Bahamas first.

Should we start taking bets on when they will file for bankruptcy?