Below Deck Mediterranean’s Most Valuable Players

Joao Franco, Hannah Ferrier
(Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

When Below Deck‘s popularity soared following its 2013 debut, a spinoff seemed imminent. Sure enough, Below Deck Mediterranean premiered in 2016. Here, viewers met an entirely new crew, captain, yacht, and scenery.

With seven seasons already underway, many of the chosen cast members have become staples for this series. These crew members have lasted for several seasons, and whether liked or not, their impact on this spinoff remains.

Here are Below Deck Mediterranean’s most valuable players thus far.

Captain Sandy Yawn


Captain Sandy Yawn joined the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean in Season 2, following the sudden passing of Season 1’s Captain Mark Howard. Like her or not, Captain Sandy made Below Deck history as the first (and only) female on-air to lead from the wheelhouse.

In addition to being a rarity on our television screens, female captains as a whole in this industry are few and far between. An example of this can be seen in the first episode of Season 2. Here, Chef Adam Glick boarded the Sirocco superyacht and asked Captain Sandy if she was the First Mate. Laughing it off, Captain Sandy explained her position and all was well.

Still at the helm following Season 7, Captain Sandy’s time on Below Deck Mediterranean has been filled with teachable moments and heated storylines.

The firing of Hannah Ferrier, her long-standing Chief Stew, divided viewers. Here, Hannah was found onboard with Valium for anxiety. Though she had a prescription, she failed to mention it was in her possession. Citing maritime law, Captain Sandy fired Hannah on the spot.

Captain Sandy has also been accused of showing favoritism towards each season’s deck crews, while often micromanaging the interior departments.

That said, giving charter guests a five-star vacation is what matters the most, and on this, Captain Sandy excels. Her desire to see women rise up in a male-dominated industry is also admirable, and on this, Captain Sandy’s efforts will leave a lasting mark in the field.

Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier/Instagram

Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean in its inaugural season, staying until her aforementioned firing in Season 5.

(“June, June….”) Hannah is best known for her no-nonsense attitude, quick wit, and occasional flings and fights with costars and guests alike. Though Hannah’s tablescape skills were criticized, she was good at her job. Hannah’s ability to delegate tasks while teaching her greener crews the ropes throughout her five years on-air proved strong.

Hannah also understood her job within the confines of reality television. She brought drama and snarky comments to many situations, and no one was off limits.

Hannah’s anxiety was well-documented while filming. After Hannah’s firing, other Below Deck crews and captains weighed in on they would have handled this situation. These discussions will (hopefully) leave a lasting impact on this series.

Malia White

Malia White/Instagram

Like Captain Sandy and Hannah, Malia White is another valuable Below Deck Mediterranean player who left viewers divided.

Malia entered into the franchise as a green deckhand for Season 2. Here, Captain Sandy’s desire to see women succeed onboard was present. With her leadership, Malia quickly rose up the ranks. By the end of her first season, Malia was placed in a lead deckhand position.

Following Season 2, Malia took a pause from filming, but not from yachting. Off-air, Malia continued to gain certifications within the industry. When Malia returned for Season 5, she was promoted once again to bosun.

However, Season 5 brought about Hannah’s firing, and the role that Malia played earned a few nods of disapproval. Many viewers labeled Malia “a snake,” as she was the one who found and reported Hannah’s medications.

That said, Malia is the first (and only thus far) female bosun in the history of the series, and that calls for respect. To date, Malia continues to press forward in the industry.

João Franco

João Franco/Instagram

João Franco entered in Season 3 as the lead deckhand. His first season was a messy learning curve. Here, João showed off a hard-working attitude and desire to quickly rise up the ranks within the industry. However, Season 3 also found the deckhand in the midst of a heated love triangle while introducing viewers to his drunken alter-ego, Jezabob.

Thankfully, João wasn’t pleased when watching back his first season. When he returned for Season 4, Captain Sandy promoted him to the bosun position. Here a kinder, less drunken personality emerged.

João left the series after Season 4, but like Malia, he has continued to work and gain certifications within the industry. In a Below Deck first, João has risen all the way up and is now a yacht captain.

When Captain Sandy steps down, placing João at the helm would make for a watchable full-circle moment. To anyone reading this who might have the powers to see this idea through, think on it.

Colin Macy-O’Toole

Colin Macy-O’Toole/Instagram

Colin Macy-O’Toole is likely the most beloved deckhand to ever grace the Below Deck Mediterranean franchise. Always positive and uplifting, Colin worked hard and loved harder. During Colin’s entrance in Season 3, a tightly-knit friendship with João was formed. Their connection, in the midst of chaos, was fun to watch.

Colin also displayed a close relationship with his parents, who visited the yacht during Season 3. His parents were just as lovely as their son, causing viewers to fall even deeper into their enthrallment(s) with this new deckhand.

Colin returned for Season 4, but when Season 5 began, viewers were saddened to no longer see his kindhearted presence onboard. All good though, because Colin continues to recap each season through rap over on his Instagram account.

Side note—during filming, João was once overheard telling his buddy that when he became a captain, he’d hire Colin to work onboard his vessel.