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Hannah Ferrier Says It Was A “Hannah Thing, Not A Valium Thing” When Captain Sandy Yawn Fired Her From Below Deck Mediterranean

On the latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, we said goodbye to a long-time cast staple, Hannah Ferrier. The whole thing was messy, unnecessary and quite frankly, not cool.

It was bad enough that Hannah was ratted out by Bosun Malia White for alleged Valium use. Malia went to great lengths to call “narcotics” when she told on Hannah to Captain Sandy Yawn. What made it even worse was Captain Sandy’s reaction to Hannah when she decided to leave. Hannah was understandably upset and didn’t want to coddle Sandy for her feelings on firing her. Which didn’t go over well with Sandy and led to Sandy gaslighting Hannah for her own feelings on the matter.

But Hannah has plenty to say about it and is opening up now. In a recent interview with Decider, Hannah gives her take. Chef Kiko Lorran, who was fired before Hannah, said in an interview that he felt a weight off his shoulders after being fired. When Hannah was asked if she felt that way too, she said, “The situation with the cabin arrangements — that was a perfect example. I was just getting undermined all season. I had just given up. It was like, there was no more fight in me.”

She continued, “At the end of the day, you can’t fight a situation like that. What Sandy says goes. But that’s actually a job that’s allocated to me, cabin arrangements. It’s the fact that you don’t even have a little respect, you have no respect for me whatsoever. To the point where you can’t even go, ‘Hey, Hannah. Come see me. Why are you doing this? Why don’t you want to share a cabin?’ And then I can explain. Because I was really looking after the dynamic of the boat.”


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Hannah admitted, ” I wasn’t trying to be bratty or selfish. It was like, what is the best for the boat? And how the boat runs, and the crew, and the guests, and the whole experience.”

Hannah went on about Sandy firing her and said, “And it was very blatant to the rest of the crew, obviously, when she just went on the radio like that. I think that, as you could see, I stood up halfway through her firing me. She’s like, ‘Could you sit down?’ I’m like, really? Can I just go now? I don’t really need to hear this. It’s one of those things where, if it were any other captain, I would never have done that.”


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She concludes about Sandy, “She’s saying that it was a safety issue going to sea, I didn’t declare the medications. You can hype it up as much as you like about maritime laws and all that, but it’s nothing to do with that. It’s a Hannah thing, it’s not a Valium thing.”

Hannah’s not wrong. Captain Sandy did say it was a Hannah thing. So I guess that means if Hannah was on her game, Captain Sandy would have overlooked the whole Valium thing? Even after Sandy has maintained that finding Valium on board put her license in jeopardy? Which one is it? 


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We may never know as everyone has their own side of the story. But one thing is clear: Hannah was let go in the worst possible way. And fans may never forgive the show for that.


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