Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Reunion, Part 2 Recap: Colin and Daisy Tell All

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion recap
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Welcome back to Part 2 of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 reunion.

Following a few repetitive questions about Madison “Mads” Herrera and Gary King’s boatmance – didn’t we cover all of this in the last episode? – host Andy Cohen turned his attention to a possible relationship between Mads and Alex Propson. “Mads, it was really exciting when you and Alex finally made out in the van,” Andy said. “Did you see each other after the season wrapped?”

“Uh, yeah,” Mads responded. “We hung out here and there.”

“There’s been instances,” Alex added.

“What do you mean [by] ‘instances’ with Mads?” Andy asked.

“After the show, we explored it a little bit,” Alex said, “to see if it was something worth continuing with. We’re both very busy. Geographically we’re close but as friends now.”

But did they have sex?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
(Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

“Everyone’s stayed pretty well-connected,” Alex continued, “Chase [Lemacks], Ileisha [Dell], Lucy [Edmunds], Mads … we’ve been on some trips together, and we hang out together. We talk weekly. I think we’re all in a really good place and happy with … the way it is.”

“But did you have sex?” Daisy Kelliher asked, laughing. “That’s what they want to know.”

“There you go,” Andy agreed.

“It’s important to all of us to stay really good friends,” Mads said. “And that’s what outshines everything. So that’s where it is.” Still not answering the question, Mads.

“Friends with benefits then,” Andy interjected.

“No, friends,” Mads insisted. But then she seemed to almost say something but stopped herself. “He has a … Wait, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that.”

When Andy asked him, “You have a girlfriend, right, Alex?” Alex kind of grudgingly admitted that he does. “Uh, yeah,” he said.

Andy seemed confused as he responded, “Okay, well, don’t sound too excited about it.”

“Technically, not right now,” Alex clarified, “but, you know, I’m hopeful.”

Standing up to the throuple

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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Andy brought up that one thing we all learned this season is that “throuples maybe don’t work, eh?”

Addressing Captain Glenn Shephard, Andy continued, “With the throuple, that was really the first time we’ve seen you step in and threaten to kick an unruly guest off the boat. How did you know you had to intervene?”

“I’ve seen that kind of thing before,” Glenn said, “and I don’t want to take any chances. I want to make it abundantly clear … what’s at stake if these guys start acting out.”

Andy digs into the Colin/Daisy drama

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap
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Finally, Andy ordered up the tea we all came here to sip. “This season, we saw a newly single Colin [MacRae] make a move on Daisy. But after learning the truth about her sexual history with Gary and mistakenly being called ‘Gary’ in bed, does Colin regret stumbling into this love triangle?”

“Diana from Lake Placid said, ‘After seeing Daisy on Watch What Happens Live, it seems like she’s not liking Colin,'” Andy read. “What happened?” Gary brought snacks, as he chose that moment to start crunching potato chips, very loudly. Rude, Gary. Did you bring enough for everyone?

“That’s for me?” Colin asked.

“You’d like to go first, Colin?” Daisy responded, sarcastically. “Absolutely. Narrate the story.”

“We explored something together,” Colin began. “I flew her over from the UK to come see me. That was really good … We spent a couple of weeks together in Mexico. I flew to New York to see her. We kind of bounced around together for a little while, and then it kind of turned a little toxic, I’d say. And I ended things around December last year.”

What went wrong?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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When Andy asked why things had turned toxic, Daisy volunteered, “Because we triggered each other, and you’re missing the whole point of why it really turned badly.”

“What is he missing?” Andy wanted to know.

“When I found out he’d broken up with his ex-girlfriend in April [2022, prior to the charter season],” Daisy explained, “I was like okay, great [because now he was single] … We knew we liked each other. We could feel it. So I turn up to the boat, and I find out that he’s been sleeping with someone that he was working with. So I immediately retreat. I put up all of my walls.” But it wasn’t shown on the show.

“I became very defensive, as I’m apparently defined as. Colin made me feel incredibly guilty about the Gary thing. That didn’t just happen on season, [but] throughout the year. [Then I kept asking him] about this woman and why it was different with me and Gary and not this woman? And he said, ‘The difference is that I’m telling you that there is nothing between me and this woman.'” He assured her that even if he and Daisy were to break up, he and the woman had no future together.

“So then to find out from my crew members a couple of months after we had broken up,” Daisy continued, “that he was now in a serious relationship with this woman, it was very shocking for me to hear. Very hurtful. And the toxicity was always there because the trust was never there.”

Colin’s side of the story

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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“Before filming Season 4,” Colin responded, “Daisy and I hooked up.” Andy was visibly surprised by this new information, and he’s not the only one. “This is what nobody knows in the audience.”

“Okay, so you wanna f*cking talk about this now?” Daisy interjected. “Why don’t we go well back to Season 2?”

“You’re overreacting,” Colin told Daisy. “This is why the relationship turned toxic. You can’t reason with this woman. I’ve realized that, and I’ve ended things with her.”

“This is what I need to say,” Colin continued. “Daisy and I hooked up before the season.” Andy’s jaw was on the floor at this news. “I rang Gary, and I told him, ‘Hey, bro, I just wanna know how you feel.’ He was stoked about it. I told Glenn, ‘Hey, this is gonna add another spanner in the works.’ Glenn was happy about it. Daisy was in my hotel room days before filming. We had started something already.”

At this point, Andy remembered he was supposed to be asking questions. “Okay, hold up,” Andy said. “So you hooked up before the show. At that point, had she told you that she and Gary had hooked up? Or was that a surprise to you as you were filming?”

“I found that out halfway through the season filming,” Colin admitted.

Daisy’s rebuttal

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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“Why don’t we go back to Season 2,” Daisy jumped in, “when we’d finished filming, when you were in your serious relationship with your girlfriend, and you pulled me aside in the bar, and you were like, ‘Oh if I was single, you are definitely the person I wanted to hook up with.’ And you grabbed me by my waist, and I flicked it off, and I was like, ‘F*ck you.'”

“Then the end of Season 3,” Daisy continued, “you pulled me aside, down on the pontoon when we were having a party, and you were like, ‘I really wanna kiss you.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, well, this is awkward because you’re in a serious relationship.’ So I walked away.”

At this point, Andy woke up from his utter shock and realized he had a program to run. “So if those things are true … ” he started to say.

“I’ve always had a crush on Daisy, yeah,” Colin confessed, “and I told her that to her face.”

What about the kiss with Alex?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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“Let me ask you this,” Andy began. “If you all had hooked up before the season started, why hide that?”

“Why make out with Alex?” Alex asked, getting a good laugh from everyone.

In her defense, Daisy claimed that she wasn’t trying to start a relationship with Colin. “I wasn’t like, I kissed this guy three times, so now I’m in a relationship. [Plus] I didn’t know about his current girlfriend that he was hooking up with … When he told me about this girl, it made me take a step back. Yes, I was still hooking up with him. Guess what? I’m 36 in 2023, I can kiss multiple people and not feel ashamed for it.”

They weren’t yet sleeping together at that point, according to Daisy, and Colin had said he was sleeping with someone else, so they were still “figuring things out.” The extremely drunken kiss with Alex during a game of Truth or Dare was “not very affectionate,” even though she says now she’d “happily kiss Alex at any time.”

“It was a lot deeper than that, Daisy, and you know that,” Colin added. “I was sleeping with this other girl on my boat, yes. I was telling her about Daisy, and I was telling Daisy about Brit. It was all out in the open.”

“I didn’t know about this girl,” Daisy argued, starting to get a little emotional. “I owe you the truth, but you don’t owe me the truth?”

Colin argued, “I told you everything about her, Daisy.”

“Not until we got to the boat,” Daisy corrected him.

Is Colin gaslighting Daisy or is it the other way around?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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“This is why it’s toxic, Andy,” Colin said. “Can you see?” So Daisy being hesitant to have a relationship with a guy who was sleeping with another girl is toxic? I guess I must be toxic, too, then because that doesn’t sound like fun to me.

“Yeah, ’cause I’m a crazy bitch,” Daisy shrugged.

“I’ve just sat back and chosen this to be my moment to explain some very important details,” Colin added, “as to why I was so hurt during the season, why it was so confusing. And I think anyone who can sit – I think only Daisy can sit there with zero remorse and turn this around on me. It’s a unique skill.” I feel like Colin’s gaslighting Daisy at this point. He was sleeping with another girl, and yet his feelings were hurt that she had had a fling with Gary in the past? Come on, Colin.

But Andy seemed to jump in on Colin’s side. “Daisy, are you gaslighting him?” he asked.

But rather than answering the (stupid) question, Daisy burst into tears and left the room.

“We knew this was going to happen,” Colin said. That was vicious, Colin. He doesn’t seem to have any feelings for her at all. Good riddance, Daisy. You can do better. But not Gary, please.

“You just have to maybe take her feelings into account,” Lucy chimed in. “Listen, I don’t want to involve myself, but she clearly did like you a lot. And you [liked her], too. It’s not a nice situation.” Lucy pointed out that Colin and Daisy had been friends for three years and to lose that is hard.

Daisy returns to the conversation

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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“Daisy, what made you leave?” Andy asked when Daisy returned to the room.

“I’m f*cked either way,” she said. “I’m always gonna be the angry, crazy woman, and I’m never gonna win. It’s never gonna matter what I say. I’m never gonna get validation of my feelings.”

“I find myself on the defensive,” she continued, through tears. “If I sleep with someone, I’m a slut. If I speak up, I’m angry or toxic. I stay silent, and I’m weak.” She’s not wrong. I think a lot of women feel that way, sadly.

Andy asked Colin, “You had real feelings for Daisy, right?”

“Thousand percent,” Colin admitted. “Totally, the whole way, the whole time … Genuine connection. I did my very f*cking best to try and be with this woman … but she was sort of pushing me away a little bit, trying to figure out if it was real. Unfortunately, by the time she had figured out it was real, I had sort of moved on.”

“You also slept with her when you and I were trying to be together,” Daisy countered.

“I told you about everything,” Colin said, as if that makes it okay.

“You made me feel so guilty about Gary,” Daisy said. “I eventually stopped talking to him, I stopped being friends with him.”

“I was insecure about Gary,” Colin said. “Watching the show, I’ve seen a thousand conversations and acts and all of this stuff that’s just outright shocking to me.”

“But you were also flirting with Ileisha the whole time,” Daisy countered, “and trying to decide if you wanted to be with me or Ileisha.” Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.

Ileisha gets pulled into Daisy and Colin’s drama

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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“Ileisha, how do you respond to Daisy’s [accusation that Colin] was flirting with you all season?” Andy asked the chef.

Ileisha seemed a little shocked by the allegation. I for one never noticed Colin flirting with her. He was very helpful in the kitchen, but I didn’t see it as flirting with her. Now Chase was another story. He never stopped.

“That’s the first time that I’ve heard that,” Ileisha answered. “Colin and I got on really well from the first minute we met just because of the Aussie-Kiwi [thing]. We just kinda got each other as friends … But I had a boyfriend. I had no idea what was going on with Daisy and Colin.”

“Is anyone gonna back me up on this?” Daisy asked. Crickets.

“That’s fair,” Colin responded. “There’s definitely chemistry between Ileisha and I. We get along so well. Like she said, we’re both from down under … [Is the point of this] for me to apologize for having a pretty good friendship with Ileisha and detract from how you treated me?”

No matter where the blame lies, Daisy was obviously very hurt that things didn’t work out with Colin, and it showed in her emotions. Also, I was starting to wonder as the night went on how many glasses of wine she’d thrown back before the show started.

Gary broke the bro code

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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“Putting yourself in Colin’s shoes, seeing what he saw between you and Gary,” Andy asked Daisy, “do you understand how he would be rankled or questioning [their relationship]?”

“I feel nothing but remorse and shame for how I behaved with Gary,” Daisy confessed. “I was pushing somebody away because I was scared … of getting hurt.”

“Gary, it seems like you broke bro code a number of times,” Andy said. “He seemed like he was being pretty clear with you, and you were sending him some pretty hardcore mixed messages.” For sure.

While Mads put it all down to “hypocrisy,” Daisy surmised that everyone was “playing games.” Alex and Colin immediately objected to that, both saying, “I wasn’t.”

“Gary, why did you tell Colin you had no interest in Daisy and you were happy they got together, but then you told Daisy you have feelings for her?” Andy asked. “Who’d you lie to?” Oooooh, Andy! Good question. I thought the writers were all out on strike. Did he write that one himself? I’m impressed.

“I probably lied to myself,” Gary admitted. “I think that was my jealous side coming out. Maybe deep down there was something that I felt for Daisy, and I was happy for Colin to be with her. But seeing how it’s worked out right now, how toxic [it’s become], maybe it’s for the best that it didn’t [work out].”

Did Gary have genuine feelings for Daisy?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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“Daisy, do you think Gary has genuine feelings for you,” Andy wondered, “or is he like … a child who wants a toy if someone else is playing with it?” I pick the second one, Andy. Definitely.

“To be honest, I felt like a piece of meat between the two of them,” Daisy answered, still wiping away tears. “I felt like I was a prize … like it was an ego competition. I don’t think Gary had genuine feelings for me.”

“Colin, did you and Daisy feel like you had a genuine possibility for a future together?” Andy asked.

“I was giving it 100%,” Colin responded. “We had some incredible times together, some great memories. But I think, as you’ve probably witnessed tonight, we trigger each other, and it did turn quite toxic towards the end.”

“Daisy, were you in love with [Colin]?” Andy asked.

“No,” Daisy said. I think she’s lying to save face because she’s still wiping away tears. “We definitely had very strong feelings, to a point where we were possibly falling in love, but, no, I wasn’t. I was more betrayed by the fact that he didn’t tell me he was with this girl … I thought we broke up in friendship. And knowing that all of these people in this screen [indicating her castmates] knew this for months before I did, it was humiliating.”

Where do we go from here?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap
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Everybody agreed that it was sad that the “Three Amigos” (Gary, Daisy and Colin) are no longer friends, after having been so close.

Andy asked, “Gary and Daisy, where do you two go from here?”

“If we have to work together, we work together,” Daisy responded. “If we happen to be in the same place we talk, but we really don’t have that much of a relationship.”

Then Andy asked Gary, “Where is your friendship with Colin these days?”

“I think Colin and I are pretty good,” Gary said. “We still chat every now and then.”

“We’re friends,” Colin agreed. “Gary messaged me yesterday, saying how am I feeling going into [the reunion]. And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna speak my mind, I’m gonna say some things, but nothing I haven’t said to your face about how I was feeling.’ So we’re okay. I forgave both of them.”

Before closing the show, Andy asked if there was anything the three of them would like to say.

“We literally just banged through all the episodes very recently,” Colin said, “so it’s fresh. There’s a lot of emotion. But I think Gary and I are gonna be okay, and we’ll see about Daisy and I, but I’m open for it.”

After admitting that he and Colin were still friends, Gary addressed Daisy. Saying they have a “rocky relationship,” he added, “If we ever have to work together in the future, it’ll be a professional relationship [yeah, right]. But I don’t think we’re ever going to be how we were, unfortunately.”

Daisy got the last word

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Recap
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Andy let Daisy have the last word. “I’m sorry for being so emotional,” she said, still wiping her eyes. “That’s what you get for putting your heart on the line. I love them both. They’ve taught me a lot about myself. I have regrets, but I know I have a good heart. I know my intentions were good. Onwards and upwards.”