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Brooks Marks Reveals Latest Fashion Industry Move

It seems like Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has been gone for too long. It will be nice to revisit the ladies in their wintry environment, minus one telemarketing menace who is now jailed.

Meredith Marks will return, adorned in her finest fashions. She certainly gave feathers a considerable moment that fans won’t soon forget. But Meredith isn’t the only fashion maven in the family. Her son Brooks Marks is an upcoming designer and making new moves in the fashion industry.

Brooks is back

If you like a simple black blazer with someone else’s name randomly placed across your torso, Brooks might be the stylist for you! And don’t worry, if your look is generic casual athleisure, Brooks has you covered there too. However, there’s more to Meredith’s son than his talents selling his designs, now he’s selling his face.

According to Ok!, Ford Models has a brand new client! This isn’t Brooks’ first time in the modeling rodeo. Well obviously, as he has an impressive collection of facial expressions to share. “I grew up doing it [modeling] from the age of seven or six until I was 11,” Brooks said.

The modeling fell off the radar as soon as the designing bug bit. “I loved it, I thought it was so much fun. I always wanted to get back into it, but then I started focusing on building my clothing brand, I didn’t really have time for it,” he added.

Thankfully, building a brand on two whole outfits didn’t deter Brooks when he wanted to give modeling another shot. He was inspired by Mommy Meredith hiring Ford models for a jewelry shoot.

Apparently, other agencies have been chomping at the bit to sign this legend, but Ford was the one for him. “I’ve talked to other agencies before, but Ford feels so comfortable to me,” Brooks shared.

He continued, ”I’ve gone to other agencies that say like, ‘We want to sign you, but you need to do this or you need to do that.’ But Ford said, ‘We love you and want to sign you. Don’t change anything about yourself!”

As the competing modeling agencies fired people who dared to advise Brooks to change himself, Ford was the lucky winner on that day. Also winning, are the RHOSLC fans who will get to see Brooks very soon …

Brooks wants to “stand out” from the crowd

He’s excited to show more of himself, thanks to this boost. ”I’ve also seen how people have been able to use reality TV to boost their careers in the modeling industry and stand out from the crowd,” Brooksy added.

“I think when you’re on a show like that [RHOSLC], a lot of people perceive you as like a character. But I am really excited to prove that wrong,” he explained. Yes, and the viewers are excited to hear his monotone convos with Mom again in the near future.

Ultimately, Brooks knows the deal. “I had a little bit of anxiety before I posted that because I was like, ‘I don’t want to be like another reality child going into that industry.’ But I can’t escape that. That is what I am.”