A Timeline of the Daisy-Colin-Gary Love Triangle

Daisy Kelliher
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Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, First Officer Gary King, and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae first met while filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht in 2021. Returning as fan favorites ever since, these three yachties have become the face of this popular Below Deck spin-off. With each passing year, however, the trio’s dynamics have shifted. Prior to this year, these shifts were easy to sort out, leaving their friendships intact.

Sadly, Season 4 saw these easy fixes come to a messy end. Following a love triangle and hurt feelings across the board, this yachting trinity unraveled. To help breakdown everything that’s occurred, we present to you a timeline of the Daisy-Colin-Gary love triangle.

Daisy, Colin, and Gary First Meet – Season 2

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Due to Season 1’s rough reception, a new crew, minus Captain Glenn Shephard, was brought onboard for Season 2. Among these fresh faces were Daisy, Colin, and Gary. Daisy and Gary did not hit it off, but Colin and Gary became fast friends, as did Colin and Daisy.

While Daisy and Gary were single, Colin was in a relationship. However, Daisy later admitted that there was a spark between her and Colin during filming, despite his taken-status. This spark was not pursued in Season 2, as Colin remained loyal to his girlfriend. Gary, however, had a spark (and flings) with two stewardess onboard, unable to fully commit with either.

Daisy and Gary battled it out during the Season 2 reunion. Daisy stated that she wasn’t sure she’d ever work with Gary again, especially after seeing the comments he’d made about her in his taped confessionals. On this, Daisy said that Gary “clearly hated me and thought that I was a giant b***h.” Gary responded by saying, “I may have said you were acting b****y, I never said you’re a b***h.”

Sweet save, Gary (opposite day).

Daisy and Gary Entertain a “Boatmance” – Season 3

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Daisy, Colin, and Gary all returned for Season 3. Here, the vibes between Daisy and Gary improved, as they were often seen joking (and flirting). During the finale episode, the pair even engaged in a hot tub make-out session on the crew’s night out. Their physical connection was so strong that they almost slept together that same night.

However, Daisy and Gary insisted that there was nothing romantic between them. Taking this insistence one step farther, Daisy revealed on a since-expired Instagram story that she didn’t even remember this kiss. She then went on to post her dread over watching this episode, while joking that “it’s much more fun to kiss than fight over dishes.”

Steering clear of all things messy, Colin was in a land-based relationship, again. Also reoccurring, Gary, found himself caught in between two of Daisy’s stews.

Daisy and Colin’s Romance Begins – (Pre) Season 4

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When the Bravo network brought Daisy, Colin, and Gary back for Season 4, Colin was officially single. Gary, who tested positive for COVID-19, began filming several episodes late, due to his stay in quarantine. Without Gary onboard, and with Colin’s newly single status, the chemistry that Daisy claimed existed between her and Colin finally began to emerge.

Or at least that’s what it looked like to the viewers.

During the Season 4 reunion, Colin revealed that he and Daisy actually began “hooking up” at a hotel in Sardinia right before filming started. “Daisy and I hooked up before this season. I rang Gary, and I told him, I said, ‘Hey, bro, I just wanna know how you feel.’ He was stoked about it…Daisy was in my hotel room days before filming. We had started something already,” Colin explained.

The Daisy-Colin-Gary Love Triangle – Season 4

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Due to Colin’s aforementioned reunion revelation, we now know that Gary was well aware of Daisy’s involvement with Colin prior to filming for Season 4. Nevertheless, once Gary stepped onboard, he made a beeline straight for Daisy. This is where the trio’s love triangle formed. With the connection between Daisy and Colin already in place, Gary spent the first half of Season 4 moping around the boat, flirting with Daisy, despite her requests to stop.

In true Gary fashion, however, Daisy wasn’t his only conquest. Throughout Season 4, Gary hooked-up with Daisy’s stew, Mads Herrera. Thankfully, Mads was playing Gary’s long-seen game, as she was only with Gary for a good time, not a long (or committed) time. We loved Mads for giving Gary a taste of the pain he’s caused other peoples hearts.

Gary Drops a Bombshell – (Mid) Season 4

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Clearly frustrated over Daisy’s involvement with Colin, Gary brought up that he and Daisy had slept together in between Seasons 3 and 4. Realizing that this was being filmed, Daisy’s face clinched, as now she’d have to tell Colin this fun news.

When Daisy told Colin, he was indeed upset, as he felt like Daisy had been hiding this information. We also (now) know that around the same time that Daisy and Gary had slept together, Colin was engaging in a physical relationship with another woman. However, as Colin stated at the reunion, he’d told Daisy of this relationship, making his anger at her silence better understood in retrospect.

Daisy and Colin End, Gary Speaks – (Post) Season 4

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Daisy and Colin dated post filming, but as viewers saw at the reunion, their pairing is no more. After they parted, Colin started sleeping with the same girl he had brought to Daisy’s attention prior to the start of Season 4. Therefore, Daisy called out Colin at the reunion for his actions made while they were still figuring out their future.

On this, Colin explained, “I was sleeping with this other girl on my boat, yes, I was telling her about Daisy. I was telling Daisy about Britt. It was all out in the open.”

Currently, Daisy and Colin have unfollowed each other, while rumors swirl that Colin will not return for Season 5. For his part, Gary states that he will do better moving forward. He is still friends with both Daisy and Colin, but as for Daisy and Colin’s possible reconciliation, only time will tell.