The Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Reunion’s Biggest Bombshell Moments

Gary King, Alex Propson
(Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 started everyone off on excellent terms. Daisy Kelliher, Gary King, and Colin MacRae walked happily onboard the Parsifal III, their home-away-from-home since Season 2. These three were joined by Captain Glenn Shephard, who has led this series from the wheelhouse since Season 1.

The new cast members within the galley, the interior and the exterior departments all came highly skilled. They were also drama free, yet still fun during crew nights out. Everything was poised to go SO well…

Not on my watch, said the Season 4 reunion. Here, the accusations flew, resulting in tears, broken friendships, and Colin now (allegedly) taking a break from filming the next season. To quote Chef Ileisha Dell‘s only time expressing stress in the galley, “f**k me, I’m tired.”

So what went down to cause this shift? You’ll find the answers here, in the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 reunion’s biggest bombshell moments recap.

A “Taken” Colin Hit on Daisy During Seasons 2 and 3

Colin MacRae/Instagram

Colin’s first season as a single man was not the win it should have been. On-air, Daisy admitted that she and Colin always held a connection, but due to his taken status in earlier seasons, their chances at romance were non-existent. This season, Colin and Daisy were finally able to connect in a romantic way, which turned sour post filming. More on that later.

Rewind back to where Daisy stated that that their chances in the past were nil. Now let’s compare this statement to the bombshell she dropped at the reunion.

“Why don’t we go back to Season 2, when we’d finished filming, when you were in your serious relationship with your girlfriend, and you pulled me aside in the bar, and you were like, ‘Oh if I was single, you are definitely the person I wanted to hook up with.’ And you grabbed me by my waist, and I flicked it off, and I was like, ‘F**k you,’” Daisy revealed.

It doesn’t end there. Daisy stated that despite Colin’s taken status, he also hit on her in Season 3. “Then the end of Season 3, you pulled me aside, down on the pontoon when we were having a party, and you were like, ‘I really wanna kiss you.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, well, this is awkward because you’re in a serious relationship,’ so I walked away,” she explained.

On this, Colin confessed, “I’ve always had a crush on Daisy, yeah.”

Daisy and Colin Hooked Up Before Filming Season 4

Colin MacRae/Instagram

When Daisy and Colin‘s flirtations began, many viewers were thrilled. In the past, Daisy’s flirtations and had honed in on Gary. Gary, as we all know, loves all of the ladies. No really, ALL.

Throughout Season 4, Colin grew frustrated with Daisy and Gary’s still seen banters. When Gary dropped a bombshell mid-season that he and Daisy had slept together post Season 3, it almost destroyed Colin and Daisy’s chances. Colin felt like this was something that Daisy should have mentioned.

However, this felt like an attempt by Gary to kill Daisy and Colin’s relationship. Luckily(?) this failed, and Daisy and Colin walked off of Season 4 as a couple. When they appeared at the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 reunion, however, they were broken-up, and the gloves were off.

Colin came in hot, revealing “before filming season 4, Daisy and I hooked up. As soon as that happened, I rang Gary and I told him. He was stoked about it.” In reply, Daisy accused Colin of hooking up with another woman around the same time that they had started their fling.

Colin admitted there had been someone else, though he swore that he was upfront with all parties. He then slammed Daisy as being the dishonest one, as she failed to tell him about her time spent with Gary. When Daisy turned the accusations back on Colin, by claiming that there may have been an overlap with her and Colin’s other flame, he stressed, “this is why the relationship turned toxic, because you can’t reason with this woman. I have realized that and I ended things with her.”

The Relationship Between Daisy and Gary Is Strained

Gary King/Instagram

During the second half of the reunion, Daisy blamed Colin for altering her friendship with Gary. “You made me feel so guilty about Gary. I eventually stopped talking to him and stopped being friends with him,” she shared, before breaking down into tears.

On a positive note, Gary posted a photo of the trio after the reunion aired. He states that he is still friends with both Daisy and Colin, which is a nicer ending to this saga than what was shown during the reunion.

Colin Now Has a Girlfriend

Brittany Amodeo/Instagram

Though Colin maintains that there was zero overlap, he is now dating Britt, the woman he was hooking up with prior to filming. At the reunion, Daisy made this known, saying “so then to find out from my crew members a couple of months after we had broken up that he was now in a serious relationship with this woman, it was very shocking for me to hear.”

As there was no cheating, Colin grew exasperated at this point.

Chase and Ileisha Connected Post Filming

Chase Lemacks/Instagram

Chef Ileisha had a boyfriend, much to the sadness of Chase Lemacks. However, Ileisha dropped a bombshell during the reunion that she was “single and ready to mingle.” When Andy Cohen asked her if Chase had a shot, Ileisha explained, “after the show finished filming, I went home and ended things with my boyfriend. Chase and I were just there for each other and he supported me through a lot of hard times.”

Despite traveling together prior to the reunion, Chase and Ileisha have decided that they live too far apart and are better off as friends. Sad…we were rooting for them.