Tamra Judge
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Tamra Judge Explains Why She Addressed Ryan Boyajian Accusations on RHOC

Real Housewives of Orange County cast members are in agreement that Tamra Judge is trouble. It’s early in Season 17 and we’ve heard the words from both Heather Dubrow and Gina Kirschenheiter. But these ladies have filmed with Tamra before and know the name of the game. Stay under the radar and let their co-star set her sights on somebody else. It’s the RHOC survival tactic.

Newbie Jennifer Pedranti is learning the hard way that Tamra has the ability to share damaging gossip. This time, it’s about Jen’s relationship with Ryan Boyajian.

Few would support Tamra. At least let Jen deal with her relationship in private. But it’s reality TV, and the former CUT Fitness owner should be given a chance to speak her truth.

Tamra blames alcohol for her loose tongue

And that’s exactly what she did during a Q&A with fans on Instagram Stories and TikTok.

“Next week gets a little rough for me and I get a little mad about something that’s said and not happy with the way I acted but I’m gonna own it and I did it and I’m sorry and I feel bad,” Tamra said of next week’s episode.

Ryan’s declaration that he wanted to “f*ck” Tamra didn’t get him kicked out of CUT Fitness. That’s because Tamra only found out about it before the cast trip to Montana. That, and Ryan never acted on his supposed words.

“I didn’t know about it, maybe a month before, maybe two weeks before we went to Montana,” Tamra explained. “I was having a conversation with my friend. She told me a lot of things, but told me what had been said. The thing is, is he never acted on it so I didn’t really think it was necessary for me to bring it up until I had a few drinks in me and there was talk about him cheating.”

After Tamra changed her mind about the necessity of Jennifer knowing Ryan’s declaration, she came to quickly regret it. Alcohol seems to have that effect.

“Oh sh*t, I just opened up a big can of worms,” she said.

“Here’s the thing: I knew it was only gonna piss Eddie [Judge] off. I knew it was gonna cause more problems and my sober mind knew that it should not have been brought up because nothing good was gonna come out of it and he never hit on me,” Tamra concluded. “It wasn’t like he was trying or anything like that. Really, it’s not people’s words, it’s their actions, and I should’ve never said anything.”

It’s interesting that Tamra only mentions potentially hurting Eddie with the news. Jennifer’s feelings were not a factor in this at all. Unfortunately for Jennifer, Tamra has sensitive information about Ryan. God speed, Jen.

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