Kyle Richards
(Photo by zerojack/Star Max/GC Images)

Kyle Richards Explains Why She Wasn’t Wearing Wedding Ring

Remember when BBC’s version of Sherlock Holmes saw the inside of a woman’s ring was clean then assumed it was because she was a serial cheater? Then everyone clowned on the show’s writers for such a leap in logic? Well, this just in: people love to make leaps.

Kyle Richards was recently photographed in public without her wedding ring. Normally, that might not even be a big deal, but the photo comes in the wake of several reports regarding the strength of Kyle’s relationship with her husband, Mauricio Umansky.

The two are reportedly having marriage troubles, though not divorcing according to their statements. Still, the drama was so hot off the presses that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills resumed filming to capture all the coming details. But that left Kyle in the state of having to explain almost every little thing. Case in point, the ring incident.

Was Kyle’s ring off for another man?

Kyle took to Amazon Live to make a statement regarding the photo. “You guys may know there was a picture of me without my ring on. And people must assume now, ‘Oh because Kyle and Mauricio have been going through a hard time, that’s why I didn’t have my ring on.’ That’s not why I didn’t have my ring on.”

“I didn’t have my ring on because I lift weights, and it will bend the ring, ruin the ring, and it hurts. So, I take the ring off when I’m lifting weights.” It’s a plausible explanation. Many would agree that working out with a ring is uncomfortable. From there, Kyle took her daughter to school.

She went on, “I jumped in the car and we were running to grab muffins and coffee she wanted to bring for her teacher in the morning, and paparazzi saw me without a ring … you’ll understand when you see the season,” she assured viewers, reiterating that it had nothing to do with Mauricio or their relationship. We’ll ultimately just have to wait and see.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is rumored to return to Bravo in November 2023.