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Bethenny Frankel Trashed for ‘Biting the Hand That Fed Her’

Andy Cohen has been accused of playing favorites with his Real Housewives over the years. Fans have favorites too, but it’s pretty easy to tell who lands on Big Daddy’s Bestie List. Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel used to live on that list.

But there’s been speculation Andy and Bethey have fallen out and no longer send each other BFF texts. And now that Bethenny has taken decided to cosplay as Jimmy Hoffa sans mysterious disappearance, she’s getting heat for biting the hand that fed her. Radar has the scoop.

The honeymoon is definitely over

Insiders say Bethenny has tumbled from the top, thanks to her recent calling to unionize unscripted television. The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes inspired Beth to rally the troops. Bravo made her famous, and Bravo made her rich but Bravo is The Man, and reality television participants want some changes.

According to insiders, Bethenny is currently Andy’s “most-hated thanks to her big mouth.” It’s funny how Bethenny has always had a big mouth, which Andy previously lauded until he didn’t like what she was saying. Allegedly.

That said, it’s not all about the union stuff. Bethenny has been rather … open with her opinions lately. “Blaming Andy for her disastrous marriage and ‘tricking’ her into ambushing a funeral with her camera crew are accusations that are not going to go unanswered. Bethenny is literally biting the hand that fed her and should be very careful,” a source shared.

“Very careful” of what, I wonder. It’s not like Andy is going to start showing up with Carole Radziwell on his arm just to tick Bethenny off. However, it does seem like she’s taunting Andy for some reason.

TikTok Tales


We deserve a response from the entertainment industry acknowledging that we have been heard. #strike #union #realityreckoning #thebethennyclause

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Recently she sparked some side-eyes with a new TikTok called, “The reality reckoning … on Andy Cohen.” The caption read, “We deserve a response from the entertainment industry acknowledging that we have been heard.” Andy isn’t “the entertainment industry,” and I believe he works for NBCUniversal like the rest of them. Despite this, Bethenny wants him to speak up.

Basically, Bethenny detailed how she and Andy “came up together” whilst he worked at the network and she was a “rising reality star.” “We shared many beach walks and secrets and I was the highest-paid housewife of all time,” she said.

Beth continued, ”I have had opinions on the franchise in particular and reality TV in particular. I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with certain things. I’ve been put in situations where I felt that it wasn’t safe. I recently found out that I crashed a funeral and that was very jarring because it’s felt like there is exploitation without compensation for many people.”

This is regarding Jill Zarin accusing Bravo of not obtaining Jill’s permission to film at Bobby Zarin’s funeral. It must have been one hell of a miscommunication because in 2022 Jill said, “She [Bethenny] came with cameras [to Bobby’s funeral], which I didn’t know were going to be there, so that changed it for me.”

We’ll have to see if Bethenny keeps poking that Bravo bear.