Everything That Makes Lenny Hochstein and Katharina Mazepa’s Engagement So Gross

Katharina Mazepa, Lenny Hochstein
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer said it best when she called Lenny Hochstein’s recent engagement to his mistress “gross.” This year, Lenny has been embroiled in nasty divorce proceedings with his now ex-wife and Real Housewives of Miami star, Lisa Hochstein. However, that didn’t stop him from getting on one knee and giving his mistress Katharina Mazepa a massive engagement ring.

Lenny’s actions have been called out by numerous Bravo stars, and rightfully so. His engagement is problematic and in very poor taste in many ways. It’s no surprise that everyone is taking Lisa’s side. Here are the reasons why Lenny and Katharina’s engagement is especially tacky and unfair to Lisa.

Lisa and Lenny Are Still Technically Married

Lisa and Lenny Hochstein
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The glaring issue with Lenny Hochstein’s engagement is that he and his ex-wife are still legally married. Lisa’s response to the news emphasizes this fact. “Congrats to my current husband and his mistress on their engagement,” Lisa commented on her Instagram stories after news of the engagement broke.

Lenny is clearly jumping the gun here. His divorce hasn’t even been finalized and already he’s preparing to enter into another marriage. The man should get his current affairs in order before making such a serious commitment. It’s a total slap in the face to Lisa. Even though she’s technically still Lenny’s wife, he’s discarded her like trash and won’t even wait until their marriage is wrapped up before moving on to his next marriage.

Lenny’s Family Is Using the Engagement To Take Shots At Lisa

Lisa Hochstein
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As if it wasn’t bad enough that Lenny got engaged, and is sharing the news all over social media, his family is using it as an opportunity to slam Lisa. “I will be very happy that this time you are getting a woman who love and respect you,” Lenny’s mother commented on her son’s engagement announcement. “You certainly did not have that in your previous marriage.” 

Lenny’s engagement is already an insult to Lisa. Now, his mother’s comment is just kicking her former daughter-in-law when she’s down. Instead of just celebrating her son’s happiness, Lenny’s mother is rehashing old wounds. Lenny has clearly moved on from Lisa, so his mother should too. If Lenny is going to disrespect Lisa by getting engaged before even divorcing her, then the least his family could do is just let it be.

Lenny Spent a Ton on Katharina’s Ring

Katharina Mazepa/Instagram

Lenny is also rubbing more salt into the wound with the engagement ring itself. A diamond expert spoke to Page Six and estimated that Katharina’s engagement ring could be worth as much as $1.5 million, The expert described the ring as “breathtaking” and commented on the time and effort that must have gone into selecting the diamond.

However, it’s not just the fact that Lenny dropped a ton of cash on the ring, it’s also that he dropped WAY more on Katharina’s ring than Lisa’s. The same diamond expert estimated that Lisa’s engagement ring cost around $750,000. That’s half as much as Katharina’s ring is worth, and that’s gotta sting for Lisa. 

It seems that Lenny takes every opportunity he can to make it clear that he cares more about Katharina than he ever did about Lisa. That can’t be an easy pill for Lisa to swallow, as Lenny is not just moving on at break-neck speed, in a way, he’s invalidating his entire relationship with Lisa. Lenny and Lisa were married for over a decade and raised children together. Even if Lisa was responsible for the problems in their relationship, Lenny has no right to downplay how important Lisa was to him once.

Lisa and Lenny Share Children Together

Lenny and Lisa Hochstein
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And that brings me to the kids. The former couple share a seven-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter, and Lenny clearly isn’t thinking about the message he’s sending to them. With this speedy engagement and all of the problematic aspects surrounding it, Lenny is telling his kids that it’s ok for him to treat Lisa this way.

Now, Lenny’s son and daughter will grow up with the impression that it’s fine to disrespect a partner this way, or that it’s acceptable to be disrespected that way themselves. This could end up having a monumental impact on Lisa and Lenny’s children’s relationships when they’re older. As a father, Lenny’s actions serve as an example for his children, and it doesn’t seem that he’s considering what example he’s setting.

There’s a lot that’s gross about Lenny Hochstein’s engagement, and it’s clear that he’s being extremely selfish. Lenny is living his best life, but he’s doing it at the expense of others, and it’s a bad look for him.