Sister Wives Season 18 May Be the Show’s Last

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Since 2010, Sister Wives has graced TLC’s lineup as, at one time, it was a fascinating premise. The network believed that an uncommon story had to be told through the Browns, who were Mormon polygamists. At the time, the entire family, including husband Kody Brown and wives Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn Brown, were fleeing Utah in hopes of starting over in Las Vegas.

Over the years, there have been some surprising storylines, including Meri cheating and being catfished, Christine leaving Kody, and the older Brown children disowning their father. However, with Sister Wives Season 18 about to start, many fans wonder if this will be the final season, since now that Kody is down to one legal wife. Maybe they should call the show ‘Just Wife’ instead. 

Kody Is Only Married to One Wife


At one point, Kody was an extremely proud polygamist who often bragged that “love should be multiplied, not divided.” During the first few seasons, the Browns seemed to have a good system, including two wives working outside the home and one staying behind to raise the children. Sadly, When Robyn entered the plural family, a lot changed. Firstly, Kody was called out for playing favorites with his fourth wife. During his courtship, he secretly kissed Robyn and even helped plan the lavish wedding.

Fast forward to Season 17, and everything was going very wrong for Kody’s plan to enter the cosmos and receive his own planet. Christine was the first to walk away from her toxic relationship after 25 years of marriage. Meri and Janelle also chose to end their spiritual unions, leaving Kody as monogamous

Kody Isn’t Sure Where He Stands With Plural Marriage


Kody is a broken man, with three of his four wives gone, and he isn’t searching for a new wife. During the Season 17 tell-all, Robyn expanded on the couple’s plans. While she claims she still wants to live a polygamous lifestyle, she told cameras Kody “basically said no to bringing in new wives.”

The patriarch feels cheated out of a family, and all his hard work over the years has been in vain. 

Kody Has Already Been Dumped


According to The Sun, Kody tried courting immediately after Christine’s departure, but was dumped. The outlet reported via the Tender Loving Care podcast that Kody and Robyn “have been actively pursuing a new wife. They have been courting a ‘new potential wife’ for about three months.” Apparently, Kody tried to film the courtship with the potential wife, and they were “chatting online and via phone calls.” The mystery woman was said to be in her early 20s, as the couple wanted “somebody fresh and new who was not involved in the polygamous lifestyle in America.”

However, the dream of rebuilding his large plural family was short-lived. After meeting in Mexico, the woman claimed she felt “uncomfortable” and “told production she wanted to go home and didn’t want to continue filming.” The woman apparently wanted nothing to do with Kody and Robyn. The outlet shared that she “pretty much wanted to get out of the situation immediately…she was very uncomfortable with the whole situation. She said she didn’t like their energy.” Naturally, Kody feels “absolutely humiliated by it all, and he doesn’t want this to air.”

Christine and Janelle Could Be Given Their Own Spin Off

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Sister Wives could be coming to its timely end. So, it may be time for Christine and Janelle to get their own spinoffs. The fan favorites have always been extremely popular. Now that both are free of Kody, fans want to watch them thrive. Christine is currently planning her wedding to David Woolley, while Janelle is figuring out her next steps. 

However, TLC revealed in April that they are not looking into “spinoff opportunities” just yet. TLC’s Chris Poole shared, via Variety, “Of course, I would love to do spinoffs, and I think people would love to see what happens to each of them. But fortunately, we’re in a place right now where we’re covering that on Sister Wives; nobody’s disappearing from the show.”

While viewers can look forward to Sister Wives Season 18 at the end of the month, the show’s fate could be up in the air. After all, who really wants to watch a show based around Sobbin Robyn whining about how she thought she would spend her golden years on the porch with her sister wives.