Captain Jason Chambers’ Relationship Status Explained

Captain Jason Chambers
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Below Deck Down Under’s “Captain Cutie,” aka Captain Jason Chambers, is the youngest captain in the Below Deck franchise. As each episode airs, his favor with viewers only seems to grow. His ability to think quickly, lead fairly, and protect those onboard his vessel have me many currently questioning Captain Jason Chambers’ relationship status.

To help the masses answer this question, here is everything that we have gathered on Captain Jason’s past and present relationships, alongside his future desires. *Fans heated face.*

A Few Random Tidbits To Help Set the Tone

Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

Recently appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Chief Stew Aesha Scott, Captain Jason played a cheeky game of Pillow Talk with host Andy Cohen. Through this, we learned that Captain Jason’s believes “the motion of the ocean” is what matters in the bedroom.

He’s also the big spoon in a relationship, if anyone needed to know. In fact, when rating his cuddling skills, he gave himself a 9.5/10 on the “cuddle monster” scale.

When asked to describe himself as a lover in just three words, Captain Jason described himself as “listen, feel, and move.” At this, Aesha proceeded to ask her boss an intimate question involving his fingers, which left everyone involved laughing.

Need more? Same.

Captain Jason’s Ex

Fuchsia Quinn/Instagram

Captain Jason has an ex-partner who will always be a part of his life. Her name is Fuchsia Quinn and she is an interior designer living in the Philippines. Fuchsia owns an interior design firm named LaDrilyo by Karthe & Quinn, alongside a designer named Carol Karthe.

Recently on Below Deck Down Under Season 2, Captain Jason was helping Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph in the galley. Here, viewers learned that his cooking techniques actually hailed from Fuchsia, who used to be a chef onboard a yacht.

As for the former pair’s current (and likely always) status, nothing but respect and kindness has been seen. This healthy connection with his ex is good news, because his involvement with Fuchsia will need to continue on for the remainder of their lives.

Why Captain Jason’s Ex Will Always Be Around

Fuchsia Quinn/Instagram

The reasoning behind the former lovers’ life-long connection lies solely in the fact that Fuchsia and Captain Jason share a daughter together. Her name is Saskia, nicknamed “Sassy.” Throughout Below Deck Down Under Seasons 1 and 2, Captain Jason has made many references to his little girl. They have even been spotted on FaceTime calls together during lulls in the charter season.

Now aged eight, Saskia lives in the Philippines with her mother. Captain Jason makes every effort to see and/or speak to his daughter as often as physically possible, and he credits Fuschia often for creating a happy, stable home life for their little girl.

Though Captain Jason and Fuchsia are no longer romantically together, their co-parenting situation appears solid.

Captain Jason’s Daughter Is His Main Priority

Fuchsia Quinn/Instagram

On the series premiere, the lively 50-year-old skipper explained how few and far apart his visits with his daughter have been as of late. Here, he explained that the demands of the yachting industry made seeing his little girl hard, as he is always away.

The COVID-19 pandemic did nothing to ease this situation, as travel restrictions kept Captain Jason apart from Saskia for two additional long years. Due to all of this time spent apart, Saskia is Captain Jason’s main priority these days. This will likely make any serious attempts at dating difficult, but, he’s open to trying, so keep reading!

Captain Jason’s Current Status

Jason Chambers/Instagram

Captain Jason is currently single. While he is not actively looking for love at the moment, he is open to the idea. Shockingly enough, he’s also open to dating a crew member. He even stated on this same episode of Watch What Happens Live that he’s been intimate in the wheelhouse, though it’s been awhile since that last took place.

A boatmance involving Captain Jason would be a unique twist for the Below Deck series, and we’re not mad at the concept. If it isn’t a yachtie, however, he does have a very specific type of woman in mind for his next love interest.

Form an orderly queue, if you have the specifications listed below. Or… fake it til you make it.

What Captain Jason Is Looking For

Jason Chambers/Instagram

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, the cheeky Captain described what he’s looking for in a mate. “For me to have a relationship, someone has to be very independent and secure in their own situation…Someone has got to be acceptable for what I’ve got going on, which is my daughter and my work moving around. So they have to have their own thing going on.”

That’s not all. His ideal partner is someone who can also push him to be “better” when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “Someone who makes me get out of bed and do some exercise. Which I love doing, but sometimes I can be a lazy a**. So, freediving, adventurous and healthy, and make me better,” he closed.

Noted. Well, there you have it. Captain Cutie is single, though his divided time might make things difficult for dating. Luckily, we can all settle for having him in our homes at least twice as a week, as Below Deck Down Under is currently airing double-episodes each and every Monday. #Blessed.