Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4 cast photo

Mary Cosby Returns in Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4 Trailer

Here we go friends, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since Jen Shah felt the cold brush of handcuffs against her wrists. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is finally back and oh my lord we need this.

Meredith Marks, the Mother of Blazers is back along with the ever-so-baby gorgeous Lisa Barlow. It looks like Heather Gay is free of ocular bruising and our dear Whitney Rose gives new meaning to the term “little girl.” We’ll also see some new faces and the return of Jesus’ favorite, Ms. Mary Cosby. E! News dropped the drama and Bravo dropped the trailer.

Fire up the Sprinter van!

Holy cats it’s on like Donkey Kong because these women are not exactly sharing secrets and braiding each other’s hair. Jen is gone and it looks like she was slightly replaced with Jen 2.0 in the form of newbie Monica Garcia. She’s a single mom of 4 kiddos and appears to feel inferior to the ladies’ financial status.

The trailer features Monica saying she’d bang both Lisa and Meredith’s husband, so I’m sure she’s going to get along with everyone really well. She’s also in the middle of divorcing her second husband, and perhaps we can see why. This could be why she was excommunicated from the Mormon church.

Mary appears with her halo and immediately goes into her favorite subject, bodily fumes. And we all know Mary can smell everything, so it’s guaranteed she will speak on it.

Apparently Heather tries to make amends with Mary because Jen is locked up. During a lunch Heather asks Mary, “Do you think I look inbred?” Naturally Mary took the empathetic angle and replied, “I do.”

Lisa and Meredith are still struggling …

Lisa and Meredith are still not getting along, but in Meredith’s defense, it’s hard to come back after f-cking half of New York. In one scene the former besties are having an intense convo. “Do you want me to go there with the husband? I can go there. Don’t f–k with me,” Meredith said.

Additionally, Lisa gets some heat because her oldest son is going on a Mission trip and her co-stars have something to say about it.

Unfortunately Whitney’s husband Justin Rose must have had too much time to think about his life choices after he was canned from his job. Considering it was due to RHOSLC filming, he may or may not have built up resentment towards his wife. They are going through it this season and Justin even ditched his wedding band.

Angie K. is the one on the receiving end of side-eyes about her businesses and her marriage gets a turn in the hot seat as well.

It’s all going down in Season 4 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, get ready because winter is coming. RHOSLC returns September 5th on Bravo.