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Kandi Burruss Will Never Speak to ‘Spiteful’ Phaedra Parks Again

If you are new to Real Housewives of Atlanta, you might have missed the Phaedra Parks era. Phaedra did some time on RHOA and was a main player. She was also super close with Kandi Burruss.

Kandi and Phae Phae enjoyed good times and things were great until Phaedra’s mouth got her in some serious trouble. At the Season 9 reunion, it was discovered Phaedra was talking major smack about Kandi and her husband. To the tune of “repeating” harmful rumors. That move got Phaedra fired and she hasn’t been back to RHOA since. Phaedra might have reappeared on Married to Medicine, but if Kandi has her way, Attorney Parks will never hold a peach again.

Kandi sets the record straight

If you’re familiar with the popular Kandi gif where she’s yelling, “THE LIES THE LIES THE LIES,” it comes from this moment. Picture it, Season 9 reunion. We’re all minding our own business and find out Phaedra was the source behind a rumor that had Kandi and Todd Tucker dragging Porsha Williams to their alleged sex dungeon to drug and sexually assault her.

Porsha lost her mind with dismay and Phaedra was very clearly distraught because she was busted. Phae Phae was directly confronted and tried to say she didn’t know the rumor wasn’t true. Such a good friend to Kandi, said no one. Ultimately it was Phaedra’s final boss moment on RHOA

Along the way, viewers had maybe hoped for a reconciliation between the former friends. According to Kandi, stop holding on to false hopes because it’s not happening. During an episode of Speak On It With Jay, she shared her thoughts.

“I don’t owe her sh*t”

“I don’t owe her s—t and I would say that to anybody. Not a motherf—king thing. I don’t owe her s—t; she will never get s—t from me. You can’t defend yourselves against blatant liars, or people who are so spiteful that will make up anything to tear you down and then hide,” Kandi said.

Welp, that sums it up pretty nicely I’d say. Phaedra has since called RHOA a “sinking ship,” which may or may not be accurate at this particular time. She appeared on the first season of Real Housewives of Dubai and is hanging with the MTM crew for Season 10. Hope she likes it over there because as long as Kandi has a pulse, peaches are nowhere in Phaedra’s future.

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