Jaw Dropping Revelations From the 90 Day: The Last Resort Premiere

Angela Deem
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90 Day: The Last Resort kicked off on Monday with a shocking premiere, filled with jaw-dropping revelations about the cast. The first to arrive were none other than Ed Brown and Liz Woods. Surprisingly, they were one of the night’s most calm couples. They were followed by Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa, who were arguably the premiere’s most chaotic duo.

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya also arrived at the resort together, and revealed that their marriage had more issues than viewers may suspect. Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown were the only pair to arrive separately. It was immediately clear that there was unresolved tension between them. Furthermore, Angela Deem joined the retreat in person with the other couples, while her husband Michael Ilesanmi joined via video call.

While The Last Resort has only just begun, these three shocking revelations set the season up to be dramatic and juicy.

Kalani & Asuelu Both Cheated On Each Other

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The biggest shock of the night by far, was the revelation that Asuelu cheated on Kalani while traveling solo in Samoa. Asuelu had been partying and drinking, and at some point ended up kissing another woman. Things eventually escalated and Asuelu slept with the woman. Kalani only found out when Asuelu asked her about a yeast infection that he had acquired on his tongue.

Things did not end here, however, as Asuelu decided to give Kalani a “hall pass.” Asuelu told Kalani that she could kiss another man to make things even between them. Kalani took him up on the opportunity. She met another man on social media, and the two ended up developing a real connection. One thing led to another, and the pair ended up sleeping together as well.

While Kalani was well aware of what Asuelu had done, Asuelu did not know Kalani had slept with the other man until she told The Last Resort therapists. Asuelu added that he felt insecure since he knew Kalani still texted this man, while he had not been in contact with the woman he cheated with.

Angela Is Considering Divorcing Michael

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More big news during the premiere came from Angela. She shocked viewers by revealing that she brought divorce papers along in her luggage. Angela explained that while she still loved Michael very much, there was a possibility that she would divorce him if therapy did not work. Michael, of course, had no idea about the divorce papers and still thinks things are finally heading up for him and Angela.

Angela previously accused Michael of cheating on her with another woman, which is the main problem in their relationship at the moment. However, Angela acknowledged that she was thankful Michael only cheated online, after Kalani told what Asuelu had done. Angela and Michael have always had their issues, but could this really be the final straw for them?

Kelly Moved To Georgia for Molly…and Then Things Went South

Molly Hopkins & Kelly Brown
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Some viewers were surprised to see Molly and Kelly cast on The Last Resort. However, after the premiere it is evident their relationship needs a lot of work. Molly arrived prior to Kelly, and revealed that they were currently not together. From Molly’s perspective, after Kelly retired from the police force and moved to Georgia to be closer to her, things fell apart.

Molly felt frustrated that Kelly lacked motivation after retiring, and just sat around watching reality television all day. Kelly, on the other hand, claimed Molly completely changed as a person and he didn’t know who she was anymore. When the two were forced to mingle by the bar with the other couples, it was clear that Molly did not want to talk to Kelly, and she stayed as far away from him as possible.

When the couples joined the therapists for their first group session later on that night, Molly went out of the way to avoid sitting by Kelly, while all of the other pairs sat together. One of the therapists requested that Molly move next to Kelly, which she did, although she was not happy about it.