Best Moments From the Big Brother 25 Premiere

Big Brother
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Big Brother 25 kicked off on Wednesday, August 2 with an action-packed 90-minute premiere. Like any Big Brother premiere, there were new twists and a new theme. No big surprise there. However, unlike anything we have seen in Big Brother history, the Wednesday episode also delivered a unique surprise. Curious to find out more? Keep reading to see all the best moments from the Big Brother Season 25 premiere.

Survivor Legend Cirie Field’s Son Is in the House

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Okay, so we knew about this one before premiere night, but it’s still important to mention.

CBS dropped the Season 25 cast list on July 31 and fans were shocked to see that Survivor legend Cirie Fields‘ son, Jared Fields, was a houseguest.

In his intro package, Jared spoke about his mom’s reality TV career, calling her a “legend” and the “best player to never win” Survivor. He’s right!

He also shared that he plans to keep his mom’s identity a secret to keep the target off his back. Smart.

Big Brother Alums Introduced the First Twist of the Season

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The season’s first big surprise happened before the houseguests even entered the house.

Host Julie Chen-Moonves introduced the theme for the new season by playing a video for the houseguests. In the video, Big Brother legends Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes, and Frankie Grande snuck into the house and unleashed a time laser to reverse the outcomes of their seasons.

The Season 25 houseguests looked stunned to see the fan favorites back in the house. Cory Wurtenberger‘s jaw actually fell open when he saw Danielle, which is pretty awesome, considering he was a baby when Danielle’s season premiered.

Once the video finished, Julie explained that the laser had completely changed the trajectory of the game. Yikes.

The Multiverse Twist

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The clip shown was related to the theme of the season—The Big Brother Multiverse. Julie told the houseguests that the laser created four different universes in the BB house-the Comicverse, the Humiliverse, the Scaryverse, and the Scrambleverse.

Julie warned that these different universes would have the ability to shake up the game.

The Scramble-Verse Wreaks Havoc on First Competition

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In the first episode, we saw the twist come into full effect when Julie told the houseguests that the Scrambleverse had changed the rules of the night one competitions.

Instead of competing for Head of Household, the houseguests would be playing for safety. The houseguests were separated into four groups to compete in four separate competitions. The loser of each competition would become a nominee for eviction.

Big Brother has introduced nominee twists in the past, including the Hacker Twist in Big Brother 20 and Battle of the Block in Big Brother 16 and Big Brother 17, but this one is a little different. It is unclear if there will still be four nominees on eviction night, or if another twist will grant two of the nominees safety. We will have to wait and see.

Cirie Fields is Playing Big Brother?

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The most jaw-dropping moment of the episode came in the last five minutes, when the houseguests entered the Big Brother house and saw none other than four-time Survivor legend, Cirie Fields, standing in the kitchen. Julie Chen told viewers that Cirie would be entering the house as a houseguest. Cirie makes history as the first ever Survivor castaway to appear on Big Brother.

Big Brother fans fled to social media to share their excitement about Cirie playing the game. “I screamed when I saw Cirie,” one Twitter user wrote.

If having a Survivor legend on the show wasn’t exciting enough, there is also the added bonus of having her son in the house. Will they work together? Will Cirie stab her son in the back? It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to see how things turn out.

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