Bethenny Frankel
(Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Bethenny Frankel’s Attorneys Demand Reality Stars Are Released From NBC, Bravo NDAs

Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel is going full NeNe Leakes and burning ALL of the bridges. We’re not going to see this one on future Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, but Beth is probably too good for it anyway.

After taking on the task of show-running the reality television reckoning, Bethenny’s work is far from over. Oh no, I promise you she will squeeze every last drop from this cow. Now the lawyers she hired to take on Bravo have a pretty big request. The big guys want NBC to drop the NDAs.

That’s not how any of this works …

Legal docs obtained by Page Six show Beth’s attorneys are requesting that reality TV stars be permitted to violate their nondisclosure agreements with NBCUniversal and Bravo. This would be in an effort to expose alleged maltreatment.

The businesses, according to attorney Bryan Freedman, were in violation of a California statute that forbids employers from pressuring staff members to sign papers that would prevent them from sharing information. Or, you know, those pesky “unlawful acts in the workplace.”

The letter says the material covered includes, “racism; sexism; sexual violence; revenge porn; child labor; forced intoxication; and psychological, emotional, and physical abuse.” This actually doesn’t sound great for Bravo or NBCUniversal, but NDAs are usually pretty tight. And for good reason, apparently.

If the firm won’t free the stars from their NDAs, the legal team wants them to at least be allowed to talk about alleged “illegal conduct” while the show is in production. I would also like $150 billion, but that isn’t gonna happen either.

In a communication sent to NBC’s general counsel, Kimberley Harris, the company has some nasty accusations lodged against them. Including, “deliberate attempts” to “manufacture mental instability” by supplying “alcohol while depriving them of food and sleep.” The list of bad stuff also includes denying mental health treatment for those displaying “obvious and alarming signs of mental deterioration.” Here’s where I would love to hear Beth raked across the coals for Scary Island if she’s so concerned about others’ mental health.

As of right now, the impending lawsuit could be a very big deal. “It’s going to be a massive thing. There are multiple individuals wanting to join this … at least 80 people have reached out, men and women,” a source shared earlier this month.

But are we really going back on NDAs now? Wouldn’t that change everything?