Porsha Williams
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Stars on Mars Preview: Porsha Williams ‘Overwhelmed’ Missing Mother’s Day With Daughter

Are you watching Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Porsha Williams during her Stars on Mars stint? Who knew this woman who appreciates the finer things in life is also a master game player?

While PJ’s mom took some time away from Atlanta to Australia to tape the show, she also knew she would be missing her family back home. And while she’s making some great moves on fake Mars, her maternal side is taking a beating. People has the scoop.

Mother’s Day from far away …

First I would like to humbly beg Ms. Porsha to return to RHOA. Please ma’am, we need you desperately. Until then, we all know this dazzling enigma from Real Housewives, but Porsha ventured off into another realm of reality television.

Success is sacrifice, but sometimes we question that sacrifice when it hits home. Porsha was knocked over when Mother’s Day rolled around and she wasn’t with her daughter.

She said, “The biggest challenge for me coming here had to be being away from my baby girl.” Yes, obviously Porsha has been away from her child before. And we all know she has a supportive mom, sister, and husband hanging out waiting to cater to Pilar’s every wish. But Mother’s Day can hit differently and Porsha apparently felt it.

“I’ve never been away from her on Mother’s Day and knowing that I wasn’t going to get a big ole hug from her was difficult. I’m definitely a little bit overwhelmed today,” Porsha added. That said, Porsha is no punk and she’s in it to win it.

“Because this experiment has the competition aspect, I just don’t really want to show that weakness,” she shared during a Stars on Mars episode. “This has taken true dedication,” Porsha said during an emotional moment.

Cry it out and carry on, the Mom way

But some Moms are made fighting-style. We go on despite adversities and hardships. Bathrooms are great for brief breakdowns and you just turn on that faucet so no one hears you cry. “This is bringing out the fighter in me. Moms just get it done. You know, we go in the closet. We cry it out. We have a breakdown. Honey and you would never know,” she admitted.

As Porsha’s time on “Mars” winds down, she’ll be reunited with PJ soon and probably have a blowout Mother’s Day do-over. And perhaps one day PJ will have a little brother or sister to keep her company.

Porsha said having another kiddo is on the table with her husband. “I want one too. So we’ll keep praying and we’ll see what God’s going to do.”

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