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Kyle Richards Breaks Silence on Mauricio Umansky Separation: ‘Been Very Hard’

Fans of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are already calling on friends from the spirit world to grant the patience to deal with Season 13. Thanks to social media and, well, stunt queen moves, we already know what’s going down.

Kyle Richards is front and center and having marriage issues with Mauricio Umansky. She also says they are “separated.” Additionally, Kyle has been spending a great deal of time teasing the public with the Morgan Wade friendship. Now, despite not living apart, and being on vacation together, Kyle opens up about the problems her blessed union has faced.

Things have been tough for Kyle

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You know what’s tough for Real Housewives? Not having a storyline of their own. Or maybe having a storyline but it’s due to random relatives who keep signing up to do the same show. And what happens when there are no more sisters to throw in the mix? Your marriage begins to fail.

Mauricio and Kyle have hit a bump in the road and I guess good for them things started getting conveniently dicey during filming of the new season. KyKy has always been very protective of her relationship with Mo, but now they’re letting it all out. Allegedly.

During an Amazon Live, Kyle revealed things have been pretty rough. I mean, as rough as they can be on a luxurious European vacation with the person you are supposedly separated from.

Kyle was questioned about her current relationship status and by all accounts, it’s complicated. “That’s a very loaded question. This has been very hard to do [because] it’s playing out with so many people having eyes on us and being in the public eye.” Okay then why play coy so often and march Morgan around?

Kyle and Mauricio “care” about each other

“Obviously, we care about each other a lot. You know, here we are on vacation,” Kyle added. They’re also sharing happy family photos on Instagram, so fans are perplexed.

The optics are strange and quite a few people are wondering if this is manufactured for a storyline. Just like they’re wondering if the whole Morgan thing was kind of a desperate attempt to go full Scandoval for ratings. Either way, hope things get better for Kyle and Mo – her husband, not her friend.

We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 is rumored to carry us through the holidays beginning in November 2023.