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Thomas Manzo Seeks Plea Deal After Mob Beating of Dina Manzo’s Current Husband

Dina Manzo has come a long way from her time on Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the only moves her ex has made is behind bars. As it turns out, being in the Manzo fam is great, as long as you play by their rules.

The only rules Dina plays by are her own. So Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, and anyone else who doesn’t like it can kick rocks. That includes former husband Thomas Manzo. Now it seems Tommy Two Hits is seeking a plea deal after an especially violent attack on Dina and her new husband. The Messenger has the details.

“Those Who Want Respect, Give Respect”

Let’s review! Tommy stands accused of hiring someone to locate David Cantin and gift him a “permanent facial scar” for dating Dina when they broke up in 2012. Tommy was arrested for the May 2017 home invasion when Dina’s man was beaten with a baseball bat. Poor Dina was robbed of a $60,000 diamond ring.

In exchange for roughing up Dina and David, John Perna was offered some discounts at the Brownstone. Tommy seems like a real stable dude, right? Unfortunately, it looks like he’s going to get a plea deal.

Federal charges against the man Caroline wrote a character letter for might be resolved in the near future. Tommy waived his right to a quick case regarding the brutal attack that was ALLEGEDLY carried out by John, of the Lucchese family.

“Plea negotiations are anticipated. [And] both the United States and the defendant desire additional time to negotiate a plea agreement, which would render any grand jury proceedings and any subsequent trial of this matter unnecessary.” This is according to an order from August 17, per Newark federal Judge Kevin McNulty.

This will be the sixth time Tommy put off the trial. However, it’s the first time a plea deal was either mentioned or offered. Additionally, Tommy hired a new attorney, Christopher Adams, last November. He’s currently walking around fancy-free thanks to a $100k bond.

Tommy has until November 17 to make an agreement with the prosecution. After this is published, I will be changing my name and moving to a different city. Tommy faces 43 years in the slammer if convicted.