Everything That’s Leaked About Below Deck Season 11

Fraser Olender
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

Below Deck Season 11 has been highly speculated on following Season 10’s wrap. Here, Captain Lee Rosbach had to temporarily step down for health reasons. Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Captain Sandy Yawn stepped in for her downed colleague, allowing Captain Lee time to heal. He eventually returned in time to end the season on a high note.

Chef Rachel Hargrove explicitly went off on the Bravo network regarding their lower pay. We can safely assume that she will not be returning, and that her exit from this series is final. However, the remaining Season 10 cast members were generally unknown as to their futures on Below Deck. Nevertheless, the internet stepped up with clues found on Season 11’s filming.

We have since taken all of these findings and recorded them here in one place. This is everything that has either been leaked and/or alleged about Below Deck Season 11.

The Filming Location

Below Deck/Reddit

Season 11 was reportedly filmed in Grenada, which is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. On Reddit, one user wrote “I just returned from Grenada last week and the St David was there…” Another chimed in with a similar sighting, saying, “A friend of mine got married in Grenada in February and saw Below Deck.”

These clues both point to Grenada, and we are Gren-ready (sorry, I’ll do better).

The Yacht Used For Filming

Tiphanie Wawrzyniak Forst/Instagram

It appears that the Season 11 crew will once again take over the motor yacht St. David. This is the same yacht that was used in Season 10. A possible future guest posted a video onboard this vessel in April, which is when filming would have been underway. Tagged in Grenada, the images of her yacht match that of those found on St David’s official listing.

In a second post, this same guest cheekily rhymed, “Once upon a time, in a land far away, I was invited to Grenada, to board a yacht, but more, I can’t say.”

Say no more, Tiphanie (just kidding, DM me with further scoops).

Captain Lee Rosbach Is Out…For Now

Captain Lee Rosbach/Twitter

After 10 seasons, Captain Lee is exiting the series. This exit is not of his own choosing. “I did not quit, I did not retire. I was just not invited back,” he explained in an interview with the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

However, Captain Lee is open to return. In the same interview, he stated, “On, Season 12? I imagine they are going to see what happens with Season 11, with somebody new trying to take over for me, see how they do… If the numbers take a tank, would I go back? Yeah.”

Therefore, only time will tell if Bravo “screwed the pooch” on this one.

Captain Kerry Titheradge Is (Allegedly) In

Best of Bravo/Instagram

Rumors have been swirling regarding Below Deck Adventure’s Captain Kerry Titheradge possibly replacing Captain Lee on Below Deck. Speculations grew even higher following a photo of Captain Kerry at a restaurant in Grenada. In addition, this source further claimed that Captain Kerry was “spotted on the yacht for next season of the OG Below Deck!”

There May Be Only Two Returning Cast Members

Ben Willoughby/Instagram

The same alleged charter guest in the yacht section above recently followed Season 10’s Fraser Olender and Ben Willoughby. In addition, Captain Kerry has also followed both of these men, which further pleads the case for all of their Season 11 showings.

At this point, none of the other Season 10 cast members have any social media ties that point to their return on Season 11, which is a bummer. Fraser’s friendship with Hayley De Sola Pinto was life in Season 10, and if she does not make her way back onboard by the end of Season 11, we might revolt.

Not really. We’re lazy. But still.

A Possible Chef Has Been Revealed

Chef Anthony Iracane/Instagram

Chef Anthony Iracane presently follows Captain Kerry, Fraser and Ben. Likewise, these three men followed him back in return. Also on Chef Anthony’s follow and followed by list is the above charter guest who was spotted onboard St. David.

Chef Anthony is the founder of a Miami-based food truck named SnackyBae, which serves French street food. On his Instagram, gorgeously plated dishes appear, pointing to a well-rounded skill set.

I’ll say it…Chef Anthony’s indeed a SnackyBae…

Deck Team Possible Leak #1

Dylan Piérre De Villiers/Instagram

Good grief, we hope that these casting rumors are true, because one of the new alleged deckhands is named Dylan De Villiers. Obviously, we need all of the minutes to calm down after spending the entire day quickly checking out his Instagram.

Dylan follows and is followed by every cast member listed throughout this piece, minus Captain Kerry and the alleged charter guest above.

Fraser’s Interior Team Possible Leak #1

Marie Marq/Instagram

Fraser’s interior team likely includes Marie Marq. With several images dedicated to yachting and the various training courses within, Marie definitely fits the bill.

Marie also follows and is followed by every cast member listed throughout this piece, including Captain Kerry, but not the aforementioned charter guest.

Fraser’s Interior Team Possible Leak #2

Xandi Olivier/Instagram

Xandi Olivier is another likely new hire. Her Instagram page is covered in fitness images and an adorable nephew. As an interesting aside, Xandi also recently filmed a promo for a rum cocktail drink alongside several of the Below Deck Adventure Season 1 cast.

Xandi follows and is followed by every cast member listed throughout this piece, minus Captain Kerry and the known charter guest.

Fraser’s Interior Team Possible Leak #3

Paris Field/Instagram

While having 3 stews isn’t the norm, a third could still appear in Season 11. Paris Field is an Australian model. She previously dated Below Deck Season 9‘s Deckhand Jake Foulger.

In a non-shocking turn of events, Paris also follows and is followed by every cast member listed throughout this piece, including the charter guest, but minus Captain Kerry.

Season 11’s Premiere Date – An Educated Guess

Kerry Titheradge/Instagram

At this point, Bravo has not announced the premiere date for Below Deck Season 11. Formerly, this series has aired in the fall, with starting dates ranging from October to November. Basically, it’s coming soon, and we are eager to see if Captain Kerry can keep this series afloat sans the beloved Captain Lee.