Below Deck Crew Members Who Can’t Stand Each Other

Kate Chastain Kevin Dobson
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In the laundry rooms onboard Below Deck, everything doesn’t always sort out in the wash. With strong personalities working long, frustrating shifts, arguments are found aplenty. Most of the time, these squabbles between Below Deck crew members work themselves out. However, there have been several low blows made that point towards some of these working relationships never being restored.

I’m not talking about petty bickering, which was recently seen between Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Lee Rosbach. Here, Captain Sandy stepped onboard Captain Lee’s yacht while he was injured, and she fired one of his crew. Captain Lee felt that he deserved a heads-up prior to this termination, so they went back and forth online. However, they are currently attending various panels together, and now all seems (mostly) well.

What I’m talking about are the crew members who will likely never call a truce. It is also probable that these foes will never agree to work alongside the other ever again. These are the Below Deck crew members who cannot stand each other.

Hannah Ferrier vs Malia White

Hannah Ferrier/Twitter

Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier starred on Below Deck Mediterranean for five seasons, two of which saw her joined by Deckhand Malia White. In Season 2, Hannah called out Malia’s frustrating love triangle. Following that, Malia went after Hannah for kissing a charter guest.

In Season 5, the heat between the duo was dialed up, beginning with Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran‘s firing. Needing a replacement, Captain Sandy turned to Malia, who called her then-boyfriend, Chef Tom Checketts. Wanting to room with her beau, Malia asked Hannah to pack her bags and exit their shared cabin. Hannah refused, we cheered.

Hannah’s “no” angered Malia, so she went to Captain Sandy and complained, like a toddler. Captain Sandy took Malia’s side and the cabins were rearranged. With the room swapping underway, Malia went and sneakily took a picture of Hannah’s prescription Valium and CBD pen. Malia had only just discovered these were onboard a few days prior, when Hannah suffered a panic attack.

Malia showed Captain Sandy her photo, and Captain Sandy fired Hannah, citing “Maritime Law.” While Malia later stated that she doesn’t hate Hannah, Hannah never responded, which points to Hannah being unable to stand Malia.

Hannah Ferrier vs Captain Sandy

Hannah Ferrier/Twitter

When Captain Sandy came onboard in Season 2, her displeasure with Hannah grew after Hannah kissed a charter guest. In Season 3, Hannah and her boatmance joined the guests on a long boat ride, angering Captain Sandy. She pulled the Chief Stew into her wheelhouse just to tell her that she didn’t want to see her, making Hannah exit.

In Season 4, Hannah tried to make amends, but Captain Sandy told her that she lacked passion for this job. Frustrated, Hannah returned for Season 5, where she was fired for failing to register her medications.

Captain Sandy then tried to clear her name with the angry masses, except, her words were poorly chosen. Condescendingly, she stated that a Captain and someone who “waits tables” could never be compared. Hannah called out Captain Sandy’s words, and others from the series joined Hannah in support.

Captain Sandy eventually tried to make things right, offering to send Hannah a baby gift for her first born. Hannah never replied to Captain Sandy’s address ask, which can only mean one thing—Hannah cannot, and will not ever, stand Captain Sandy.

Kate Chastain vs Kevin Dobson

Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

If you are shocked to not see Kate Chastain verses Chef Leon Walker in this section, we get it. However, Kate was asked on Watch What Happens Live to pick between working with either Leon or Chef Kevin Dobson again, and she actually chose Leon, which means that her beef with Kevin is beyond high.

When Andy Cohen asked Kate why she chose Leon, she explained, “Because he didn’t speak much at all, which was better than Kevin speaking so much.” Kate and Kevin, who was a member of Season 7’s toxic boy’s club, fought often. At the end of the charter season, cameras even caught Kevin kicking sand into Kate’s face, which was gross to watch.

The feeling was mutual. Kate and Kevin cannot stand each other.

Aesha Scott vs Ryan McKeown

Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

If you hate Aesha Scott, you are in the minority. However, on Below Deck Down Under Season 1, Chef Ryan McKeown and Aesha sparred, and as Watch What Happens Live proved, he doesn’t regret his actions. The pair started off on the wrong foot, which was seen when Aesha asked Ryan if he was a stereotypical type of stressed-out Chef. From then on, the two began to fight, though Ryan fought with others and was eventually fired.

Post-firing, Ryan continued to speak out. On the same episode of Watch What Happens Live, Ryan stated that Aesha had “small t*t energy,” which caused the audience to gasp. With these two as well, the feeling was mutual. Aesha and Ryan cannot stand each other.

Ashton Pienaar vs Rhylee Gerber


Rhylee Gerber also fought with Kevin, but her battles with Ashton Pienaar were even nastier. Ashton did not appreciate Rhylee’s voice being raised, and Rhylee did not appreciate the treatment that she received on deck, which she gave back times 10, and we kinda loved. As the leader, Ashton failed to create a safe work environment, and even aided in Rhylee’s poor treatment when not even working on deck. This was seen when the deck team spread out in the galley, causing Rhylee to have to eat alone on the floor of her cabin.

The feelings were, again mutual, Ashton and Rhylee could not stand each other.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that Lexi Wilson verses the entire cast of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 deserves a mention. In addition, Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux verses the entire cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 (and the world) sucked to watch.