Danielle Cabral
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RHONJ Rumor: Danielle Cabral’s Brother Demanding Mental Evaluation Before Reconciliation

Real Housewives of New Jersey welcomed fresh face Danielle Cabral in Season 13. She instantly became a hit with fans of Teresa Giudice, because of her bond with the New Jersey OG. Others seemed to be divided in their opinion.

Now though, with rumors suggesting she has made peace with the entire cast, some Tre Huggers aren’t happy. Especially when there were other stories suggesting she and Teresa had some conflict while filming Season 14.

One of Danielle’s main storylines in her debut season was the relationship, or lack of a relationship, she had with her brother. The pair didn’t speak, and Danielle said it was due to an Instagram spat. Some of the ladies didn’t think they were getting all of the story, and that’s probably true. But her brother clearly didn’t want to be on reality TV, and Danielle may have been respecting that wish.

Now, it’s being claimed that Danielle’s brother and his wife won’t ever agree to move forward with her until she takes a “mental evaluation.”

Is an anonymous tip trustworthy?

AllAboutTRH got an anonymous tip from someone they say proved her connection with the family. “If she [Danielle] agreed to a mental evaluation, there may be a chance her brother will talk to her again,” the source claimed. “She has to be the first to make the move and seek help.”

I don’t know about you, but if I thought I was absolutely fine and a family member cut me off before making demands such as this, I’d put my middle finger up and say deuces. This is no way to treat a loved one. Especially if they’re telling friends who then go and leak said demands.

“Her brother hates attention,” the tipster continued. “So does his wife. It’s honestly not worth it to them. They tried to help her. She only reacted more insane.” If you were a friend to somebody who hated the spotlight, why exactly would you go public with this information?

They continued to slate Danielle by saying there wasn’t a “shot” she and her brother would reconnect, as he doesn’t speak to his own mother. They called Danielle’s husband Nate Cabral a “beta,” and said the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” was when Danielle allegedly “wanted to brand his [her brother’s] wedding on Instagram.”

It’s worth noting that the source of this rumor, AllAboutTRH, is heavily skewed toward pro-Teresa reports. They don’t like anybody who goes up against her, and that’s fine. It’s their prerogative to like and dislike who they want. But would this story about Danielle be making its way online if there weren’t rumblings of a disagreement between her and Tre? Highly doubtful. And for me, some of this is giving fanfiction.

So, let’s take all of this with a healthy dose of salt, and hope the siblings can work things out before it’s too late. If there’s one thing RHONJ viewers know, it’s that a sibling rivalry can go way too far.