Why Culver Bradbury and Jaimee Neale Are Destined to Fail

Culver Bradbury Jaimee Neale Below Deck Down Under
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When Jaimee Neale joined the Below Deck Down Under crew midway through Season 2, Culver Bradbury appeared smitten. At first, Jaimee reciprocated Culver’s feelings. During their first night off together, the pair even shared a passionate kiss that was then followed by a shower. However, what started off hot has now grown cold.

As Bravo continues to air this season’s charters, Jaimee can now be seen pulling away from the self-appointed Chief Entertainment Officer. We therefore don’t see this lovefest continuing on much longer. In fact, Culver and Jaimee were pretty much destined to fail from day 1. Here’s why.

Their Pairing Started Off Messy

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João Franco joined the crew just ahead of Jaimee. At this time, Culver was drumming up a boatmance with Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph. However, João and Tzarina immediately hit it off, which made Culver jealous.

As soon as Jaimee walked on board, Culver’s flirtations with Tzarina lessened, but did not altogether stop. Even after his kiss with Jaimee, Culver could still be found in the galley alongside Tzarina. Jaimee spoke to Culver about her insecurities on this and he seemed to understand. However, with such a messy start, this relationship felt doomed from the jump.

Jaimee Made Fun of Culver’s First Romantic Gesture


Wanting to make their pairing official, Culver set up a date with Jaimee on the yacht’s sun deck. Here, he shared his heart with the stewardess, who listened on smiling. Culver then handed Jaimee a homemade card, which she read aloud. At the end of this card, Culver’s letter asked her to check off either a yes or a no box, depending on whether or not Jaimee wanted to be his girlfriend.

Even though Jaimee grabbed Culver’s awaiting pen laughing, her facial expressions told a different story. Ranging from shock to wtf, Jaimee’s face said all of the words that her voice just couldn’t seem to find.

Making this scene even harder to watch, Jaimee’s confessional voice was then dubbed in, making fun of Culver’s romantic gesture. “I’m actually not a fan of the tick the box. That’s like, for the DMV or COVID symptoms. I wasn’t planning on ticking yes or no to do you wanna be my girlfriend,” she explained.

The camera then panned over to deckhands Luka Brunton and Harry van Vliet, who noted that 15 minutes had passed since Culver and Jaimee’s date began. “If she hasn’t ticked the box by now…” Luka joked, causing Harry to laugh. Eventually, Jaimee ticked the yes box. However, it was clear that she did this to be kind, not because she actually had deep feelings.

Jaimee basically entered into a fully-fledged relationship with a not all-in vibe. Clearly, this pairing was destined to die.

Culver’s Antics Tick Jaimee Off

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After officially becoming his girlfriend, Culver’s erratic behaviors start grating on Jaimee’s nerves. During a night off, it was Culver’s turn to pay the bill for the crew, which he avoided harder than a full shift on deck. Jaimee then stepped in to pay for her man. On this, she was ticked off, as anyone would be with a mate whose poor behaviors affected many.

Once back on the yacht, Jaimee tried to move past her annoyance. As she readied a guest cabin for a romantic night with Culver, the blind-to-Jaimee’s-feelings deckhand could be heard telling the guys that it was time for a mullet budgy party in the hot tub. Jaimee’s frustrations grew all the more, as did ours, because watching this destined to never leave the yacht romance is nothing short of painful.

Luka Has Entered the Chat, and Jaimee’s a Fan

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Luka is an attractive man, which the still-taken Jaimee has noted, several times. On last night’s doubleheader, Jaimee lifted up Luka while slamming Culver. After expressing that Luka was everything she’d typically go for in a man, Jaimee expressed her doubts that Luka still lived at home, unlike Culver. Kinda rude, this economy is the worst and rents are beyond, but hey, she’s stepping off of the Culver train, and on this, we aren’t mad.

That said, Luka and Jaimee are growing closer with each passing charter. When Culver took the willing (yet cringing) Jaimee down to the storage basement for a romp, Luka opened up the hatch to laugh. It’s highly possible that Luka was just playing around, but it’s also possible that he was trying to stop Culver and Jaimee’s good time.

Basically, Luka is slowly moving in, and we think that Jaimee will return his small advances well before this season ends. We’re calling it now—Culver and Jaimee won’t make it past Below Deck Down Under Season 2.