Why It’s a Bummer There’s No Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Reunion

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Below Deck Down Under Season 2’s finale aired last week. However, a reunion never followed. Typically, a reunion provides viewers with closure at the end of each season, so now, we’re left with a lot of questions. Without a reunion, certain individuals also cannot explain their actions, or even make amends with their co-stars, if needed.

Sadly, reunions are not often seen in the Below Deck franchise. Over the years, several reasons have been given as to why, including the fact that a new host for these reunions might be in need. In addition, the crews typically work onboard other yachts once their season ends. This means that these yachties are unable to fly in to New York for a whole-group discussion.

While Zoom reunions have occurred, these are also a struggle. Oftentimes, these still-working working cast members are stretched out across multiple time zones. We’ve therefore seen individuals filming at wild hours, such as 3 a.m., as they were too far away to fit into a typical time slot like their co-stars.

As for why this particular season of Below Deck Down Under didn’t film a reunion, one cast member weighed in. Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph took to her since-expired Instagram stories to share one assumption. Here, the Cheffy shared that protecting Margot Sisson, who was involved in an attempted sexual assault onboard, was likely a reason as to why the reunion was cut.

Aesha Scott and Captain Jason Chambers did pop into Watch What Happens Live right after the finale, but that’s all that we got. We’ll probably never know why a full cast sit-down failed to transpire. Nonetheless, it’s still a bummer that there wasn’t a Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Reunion. Here’s why.

Viewers Won’t Hear About Margot’s Transformation

Margot Sisson/Instagram

Clearly, Margot had a rough season. To cope, Margot turned to alcohol. When her drinking during charters became noticeable, Aesha and Captain Jason intervened. Following a wheelhouse conversation, Margot was able to keep her job onboard, where her behaviors quickly began to change.

On the finale episode, Captain Jason recognized Margot’s changes, and offered her an off-air yachting gig. However, Margot knew that she was broken. She therefore declined his gracious offer, stating that she needed to take a beat to heal.

After filming, Margot has put in even more work on bettering herself. Margot posted about her season recently, explaining her journey both during and post filming. “Seeing myself turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism repeatedly throughout the season was really sad and painful to watch…Following the show, I got the support I needed, took A LOT of time to reflect, and I abstained from alcohol for over a year,” she penned.

It would have been really great to hear from Margot post filming. Her growth both during and after this charter season is admirable. We are therefore bummed that a Below Deck Down Under Season 2 reunion was cut, as Margot’s growth deserves to be known and celebrated.

Viewers Won’t Hear About João’s Glow Up(s)

João Franco/Instagram

João Franco really redeemed himself on Below Deck Down Under Season 2. His showing on this series was way better than that of any of his previous seasons on Below Deck. He mended his working relationship with Aesha, and led his deck team with grace.

Like Margot, João posted his reflections. His words indicate that he too has made a few life changes, including breaking away “from people who brought out the worst” in him. Without a reunion, we won’t know exactly who João was referencing.

What we do know is that some really excellent things have taken place in João’s life post filming. Among his listed achievements were “Met a girl, Traveled the world, Got my Big boat captain’s license, Bought land and I’m currently building my dream house, [and] Got a job on one of the newest boats in the world.”

Woah. These are all positive, major life events. With the Below Deck Down Under Season 2 reunion being cut, viewers will now be robbed of João’s glow-ups, which is a major bummer.

Speculations Won’t Be Answered

Margot Sisson/Instagram

We have so many questions about the many potential pairings that occurred this season. For example, Harry Van Vliet had a huge crush on Margot. When Margot friend-zoned him, Harry then became the best dang friend that any girl could ever hope to have.

Post filming, Harry came to the U.S., where he spent a lot of time with Margot. In photos and reels posted online, the duo still seem incredibly close. Did they remain friends, or did Margot’s heart soften towards the nicest deckhand ever seen on Below Deck?

On the post finale WWHL episode, Captain Jason stated that Culver Bradbury and Jaimee Neale went on a month long tour of Western Australia together post filming. However, Captain Jason went on to say that the couple has since called it quits. Aesha then implied that there might have even been a few dirty texts sent between Jaimee and an unknown individual, which is what possibly ended her pairing with Culver. We have so many questions…

Finally, on a separate episode of WWHL, Culver and Tzarina were very flirtatious with each other. Did their failed on-air romance reignite once Culver parted ways with Jaimee? Honestly, we hope not, as we think that our Cheffy deserves better than a mullet-wearing player.

Without a reunion for Below Deck Down Under Season 2, none of these questions will be addressed, which has left us beyond bummed. That said, if any of this season’s crew members happen to be reading this, feel free to leave us resolution in the comments. And when I say feel free, I basically mean DO IT.