Below Deck Crew Members Who Ooze Charm

Aesha Scott Below Deck Down Under
(Photo by: Laurent Basset/Peacock/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Throughout the years, the Below Deck franchise has seen a wide assortment of yachties filling each position onboard. Dare we say it, a few of these crew members have even been charming. Cue Southern Charm‘s “ba-ba-doo, ba-ba-de-ee” soundtrack here, and best wishes on now getting that song out of your head.

Fans of this other popular Bravo series will know that the word charming does not equate to a drama-free human. What it does mean is that this person has a certain air about them. This way of being can either make you adore the person, or, shake your head laughing over their antics, knowing that you could never get away with behaving in a similar fashion. As for this character trait, here are the Below Deck crew members who we have seen oozing charm on throughout the series.

“Ba-ba-doo, ba-ba-de-ee,” sorry, It’s a problem.

Aesha Scott


When Aesha Scott was hired as a stewardess on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4, her Australian accent and filthy personality immediately set her apart. The statements that so easily fell from Aesha’s mouth were WILD. But yet, she quickly became beloved by almost everyone, ourselves included.

The thing is, Aesha is not just a crass middle school boy at heart. On the contrary, Aesha is wise and kind. This was in large part seen after Aesha crossed over to be a Chief Stew on Below Deck Down Under. Now a department head, Aesha remains crass, yet she is one of the fairest, kindest bosses that’s ever been seen.

From encouraging her stews while properly teaching them the ropes, to caring about everyone’s mental health following the dark sexual assault situations in Season 2, Aesha is hands-down a great leader. In comparison, Aesha still gets away with crass statements, including chiding Captain Jason Chambers about his package being crammed into budgie smugglers. It’s all due to the charm that is oozing out of every pore Aesha owns that makes her so great. Please Aesha, never leave Below Deck.

Ben Robinson


Just like Aesha, Chef Ben Robinson has a rather crass side, though his typically came out when trying to lighten sullen moods onboard. Also like Aesha, Ben holds a totally different side to his personality. This opposing character of Ben’s finds him pedigreed, thoughtful, and well-spoken, with multiple languages at the ready.

Whether bickering with Kate Chastain or walking down a dock with his bum out post drinks, Ben’s presence always held a certain je ne sais quoi. This rarely saw Ben being hated by anyone. In fact, Ben is still one of the most heavily quoted yachties, and even while I type, I can hear him crooning “Hell-ooooo lovelies.” Ben for sure oozes a certain charm that no other Below Deck Chef has yet to mimic.

Tumi Mhlongo

Tumi Mhlongo/Instagram

Tumi Mhlongo worked underneath Aesha on Below Deck Down Under Season 1. In stark opposition to her then-boss, Tumi’s presence was never not graceful. Always working to the best of her abilities, Tumi produced lovely tablescapes while also interacting professionally with the guests onboard. We know that these reasons aided in her upcoming promotion to Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8.

Whenever Tumi was on our screen, her scenes were flawless. From swiftly controlling wild guests to effectively shutting down a cranky chef who hated many on the crew, minus her, Tumi’s charm was always oozing through every scene on deck.

Amy Johnson

Above Deck Podcast/Instagram

To date, Amy Johnson‘s southern charm remains in-tact. With her beauty pageant big hair and her southern drawl that never aimed at harming others, Amy was, in my opinion, one of the most soft-spoken, charming presences found during Below Deck’s earlier years.

Personality wise, the only slip-up that Amy really had on-air was when her brother Kelley Johnson was on the crew. When Kelley’s boatmance with Jennice Ontiveros failed to pick up speed, Amy inserted herself, and it didn’t help. That said, whenever the moods onboard sank, Amy could be seen, pumping up everyone in sight. Her positive energy was even applauded by Kate, who thanked Amy for being a constant source of happiness, as Kate could never.

It’s clear that Amy oozed charm while on Below Deck. Even though she’s married and settled in North Carolina, we’d still love to see her charming self return to this series.

Colin Macy-O’Toole


I cannot think of Colin Macy-O’Toole and not say the word “awww” internally. His two years spent on Below Deck Mediterranean brought wholesome, family oriented scenes. He was always kind, always gracious, and always provided a solid ear to his crew members whenever they were in need of a friend.

When rapping a joke-filled poem that he wrote at the close of Season 3, Colin warned the crew to not get mad, as he wrote lyrics which aimed to poke fun of each person’s mishaps. At this, the crew began to laugh. Their laughter grew with each of Colin’s rapped jabs. As you see, Colin clearly oozed charm, and he was loved by all.