All the Ways Aesha Scott Goes Above and Beyond

Aesha Scott
(Photo by: Mark Rogers/Bravo via Getty Images)

Aesha Scott first appeared as a stewardess on Below Deck Mediterranean during Season 4. Right off the bat, Aesha’s strong personality and solid work ethics were recognized by Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier.

After Hannah was fired in Season 5, Bugsy Drake was promoted to the Chief Stew position. Captain Sandy Yawn had to then make a phone call for a replacement stew to fill Bugsy’s position. Aesha was the chosen replacement.

After Season 5, Aesha took a beat from filming. However, when Below Deck Down Under, a Below Deck spin-off, premiered in 2022, Aesha returned as the Chief Stew. Following this series success, Aesha was brought back for Below Deck Down Under Season 2 alongside Captain Jason Chambers.

Aesha’s popularity has soared over her years spent on this franchise. Many are now even hailing Aesha as their favorite Chief Stew ever. To help explain this following, here are all of the ways that Aesha Scott has gone above and beyond as an entertainer, a mood-lifter, a guest pleaser, and a department head onboard Below Deck.

Aesha Entertains In “Hillarrrrrious” Ways


When Aesha was introduced to the world on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4, the contrast between her sweet personality and the dirty statements made cemented her popularity with the crew and viewers alike. On a Below Deck After Show, Hannah and Captain Sandy reflected back on Aesha’s crassness, torn between laughing and shock.

“She’s so dirty,” said Hannah. Anastasia Surmava then shook her head, answering Aesha’s question involving rim jobs and the softness of “ball sacks” upon faces. Even when talking about tasting her own poo in the crew mess, Aesha’s statements still somehow come off as endearing.

Aesha’s ability to live unfiltered continues to breathe life into this series. We could genuinely write for days rehashing all of her outlandish statements made since her initial debut. That said, we’ll just instead simply state that Aesha’s humor and ability to entertain the Below Deck crew(s) goes above and beyond to this very day.

Aesha Lightens Tones Onboard


We’ve already mentioned Hannah’s Season 5 firing, and in a similar saddening fashion, Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran was also fired. After these firings, Captain Sandy welcomed Aesha back, introducing her to Bugsy. On hearing that Bugsy would be her Chief Stew, Aesha took a small beat, likely confused on where her friend Hannah had gone. Luckily, Aesha quickly bounced back and shook Bugsy’s hand.

The crew have since credited Aesha for changing the dark tone that these firings left. “Our chef just left, Hannah just left, we needed a spice—our boat was getting depressing. She came in at the perfect time. She was fun…she bought in the energy,” Alex Radcliffe stated on a Below Deck After Show.

“It’s nice to have that one crew member that can constantly have energy, because it kinda helps to keep people going,” reflected Malia White. Truly, Aesha went above and beyond to boost the crew’s moral back up post dramatic storylines.

Aesha’s Guest Service Skills Define Above and Beyond

Below Deck/TikTok

Aesha’s customer service skills are unflappable. In her very first season, a charter guest became ill. Aesha was unable to dodge their seasickness and was promptly vomited on (alongside a cameraman). Instead of making the charter guest feel bad, Aesha laughed, saying that it was the first time someone “spewed” on her, so she lost her “spew-ginity.”

During her second season on Below Deck Mediterranean, a charter guest wanted to teach Aesha jujitsu. This guest taught her how to body slam someone. Holding the male guest on her back before dropping him to the ground, Aesha could then be seen cheering and laughing over this lesson given.

Once Aesha leveled up to Chief Stew on Below Deck Under’s Season 1, she continually went above and beyond to ensure the guests needs were met. At times, this became difficult, as conflicts with a lazy stew and an entitled chef constantly swirled. Working overtime, Aesha took on multiple tasks, and the guests (almost always) left happy.

Currently airing Season 2, Aesha continues to work hard for the sake of the guests onboard, including the recently seen “sex journalists” charter. These guests flirty natures were met with Aesha’s middle school humor, proving that no matter what, or who, happens onboard, she will always go above and beyond to ensure that guests feel comfortable in her presence.

Aesha’s Leadership Skills Are The Highest Seen Yet

Aesha Scott/Instagram

Aesha has always excelled at her given positions. However, Below Deck Under Season 2 has revealed just how strong she can be. Trigger warning, this final section includes details involving two separate accounts of sexual assault. To protect your metal well-being, please stop reading here if this topic is one that brings you harm.

By now, you have likely heard about the sexual assault instances led by the now-fired Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne. The actions Aesha took belongs in a training manual, as she defined exactly how to handle sensitive situations in the workplace.

To explain, when Luke got drunk, Aesha knew that he had ill intent towards Margot Sisson. Therefore, Aesha laid in bed with Margot, protecting her stew until sleep took over. Once Aesha left the cabin, however, Luke entered, climbing on top of the passed out stew. Here, production stepped in and Aesha took over.

A victim of SA herself, Aesha comforted Margot before alerting Captain Jason, who saw Luke off of the boat. When Aesha learned that Laura had ignored Adam Kodra‘s “no,” she went to check in on the deckhand, as no matter her crew’s gender, Aesha understands what it means to be a violated human.

As a leader, Aesha has proven that she will go above and beyond to ensure her crews are mentally and physically safe. Basically, we stan Aesha, and we hope that she remains on Below Deck for years to come.