EXCLUSIVE: Luann de Lesseps Talks Countess Cabaret Tour, RHONY: Legacy, and More

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives
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I just interviewed everyone’s favorite Bravo star, Luann de Lesseps, who could not have been any kinder. From Luann & Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake to Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy, Luann is staying booked and busy. Soon, this legend will even be hitting the road with an all new Countess Cabaret tour!

Here’s everything that I learned about Luann’s comings and goings. And yes, a few drops of tea are also spilled on the side.

Luann’s New Tour – Countess Cabaret

Luann de Lesseps/Instagram

Luann’s first Cabaret was ultimately derailed by COVID-19. But before the global pandemic put the kibosh on Luann’s tour, the RHONY alum put on a hell of a show. Aptly named Countess and Friends, various Real Housewives joined Luann onstage, lending their chops at random. However, Luann explained that Countess Cabaret would be different.

“My show has come a long way. “When I went back out in 2022, I decided to change the show. I realized that I could carry the show on my own, so I don’t have any guests anymore,” she explained, while clarifying that a few stars will likely still be in attendance.

As for what an audience can expect, Luann expressed “It’s pop culture meets cabaret meets comedy. You’re sitting in my living room, basically, and I just take you on this journey.” This journey will see Luann alternating between storytelling and songs, which she handpicked to help move each conversation along.

As for her team, Luann declared “I have great people working with me.” This team is compromised of her director, Richard Jay-Alexander, as well as Billy Stritch and Brian Nash, her musical directors. On how Richard became her director, Luann gushed “He came to my show and he said, ‘Countess, not only can you sing, you’re funny, and you wear a dress like nobody I’ve ever seen.’ He’s been around Broadway for 40 years, so I’m blessed.”

On if we can see Luann wearing Jovani on stage, Luann quipped, “I always wear Jovani.”

But Wait, There’s More

Luann de Lesseps/Instagram

Ever the performer, Luann is already planning an additional tour for 2024. However, this one is inspired by her audiences. “I do Q&A’s with my audience, and every time I do a Q&A, I get asked Mary F Kill, right, are you familiar with that game?” Luann asked me, and clearly, I said yes, already hooked on this topic.

“So last time, I did this show at 54 Below, and one girl gets up during the Q&A and she says, okay, Mary F Kill; David Letterman, Brad Pitt or Andrew Dice Clay.” Luann began. “I said, okay, I’m going to marry David Letterman because he’s funny, first of all, and he’s rich. I’ve never been a big fan of Brad Pitt…I just haven’t…so I’m going to kill Brad Pitt, and I’m going to have to F Andrew Dice Clay.”

With this, Luann told me that the girl in the audience who had asked this question responded “Good, because he’s sitting right behind me.” To Luann’s surprise, Andrew stood up, saying, “Countess, I gotta say, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, this is the best f**king show I’ve ever seen.”

Over this, Luann laughed, explaining that “the audience went bonkers…It was awesome. So that is my inspiration for my new show, which will be Mary F. Kill in 2024.”


Luann’s Thoughts On Crappie Lake

Luann de Lesseps/Instagram

I loved watching Luann and Sonja Morgan on Welcome to Crappie Lake, so naturally, I had to bring up this lighthearted new series. Luckily, Luann lit up, proving that this experience was also a beloved project on her end.

“I went into the town to work with Sonya…and I didn’t realize the impact it would have on this town,” Luann reflected. As for the long-lasting impacts that this series brought, Luann explained, “we left the playground and the dog shelter with the fence for the dogs, so it wasn’t just like, come in and do your thing and you’re out. It was an incredible experience, and I hope that we can continue doing that across the country.”

Currently, Luann is still in touch with the hotel owners, who are building another wing. “They’re selling out the rooms. Everybody wants to come and stay in the Sonya and Luann suite,” Luann voiced. As for the residents of Benton, Illinois, Luann had nothing but love, humbly expressing, “I did not expect these people to become my friends and family.”

After declaring that reality television mixed with helping others was her “dream job,” Luann mentioned that several Benton residents would be in attendance at her St, Louis showing of Countess Cabaret. For me, this proves that if we keep adding on chairs to our tables, friendships can be found anywhere that we seek.

Basically, I want a Welcome to Crappie Lake Season 2, stat.

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy

Luann de Lesseps/Instagram

Set to air in December, Luann could not spill too much tea on the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy. However, she did say that the cast breaks the fourth wall. Luann also teased that “it’s like a little scary island part two, with a little bit of pirate mixed in the middle.”

If this means that another Johnny Depp look-alike pirate lies ahead, I say yasss.

Luann’s Final, Encouraging Words

Luann de Lesseps/Instagram

Luann is a star, and in an often cruel world, she has managed to rise above. When I asked how, Luann stressed, “Listen, the little things can take you down, so it’s best to brush them off. Chic C’est La Vie, it’s part of my music. I don’t let what people think affect how I feel about myself.”

Continuing, Luann encouraged “You’re only as great as you think you are…I’ve had my downfalls and I’ve risen up. I’m taking chances, because listen, when I started cabaret, it was terrifying. I feel like, take a chance, as you can always go home or you can always put yourself under your covers, but I feel like if you haven’t tried, then what’s the point?”

Well said, Luann.

If Luann’s Cabaret show sounds like your idea of a good time, hurry up and get your tickets here.